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Excellence Awards 2014
Lumières Olivier Dufour


In July 2013, DUFOUR Shows + Images created a dazzling mixmedia production presented as part of the 350th anniversary celebrations of a prestigious educational institution: "Lumières, the amazing destiny of the Séminaire de Québec." Submerged somewhere between reality and fiction, the audience was transported into a thrilling poetic story. Presented outdoors, in the very heart of the historical complex, this creation was a bold mixture of several multimedia techniques evoking emotions and embarquing the audience onto a unique journey. This large-scale project, which was a resounding success, plunged more than 8,000 spectators in a flamboyant epic story in which several special effects accompanied grandiose pictures for a real immersive experience.

The techniques exploited for this production were numerous and non-conventional. The images themselves were assembled from studio sequences, 2D, 3D compositions and motion designs. Real actors were transposed into virtual environments, which recreated events that happened hundreds of years ago. The canvas used to project those compositions were two 4-stories high walls angled at 90 degrees. The bleachers for the attendance were located very close to the projections, thus reinforcing the immersive feeling. The images were supported by various techniques including: odorama, live action, pyrotechnics, architectural mapping and live effects. Finally, a 60-channels surround sound environment completed the list of elements that created a unique and striking experience.

Former student of Séminaire de Québec, Olivier Dufour, company president and principal designer was delighted to be asked to create such a unique production, celebrating the history of his alma mater. "We were honored by the confidence given to us. We had the chance to explore this great human adventure in our own way, allowing us to present a very personal interpretation. We explored the projection techniques and expanded the medium to place the spectator in the middle of the action." This custom event came in after a series of very successful productions including The Wall of Sound presented in Lausanne, Switzerland. This show won the Live Design Excellence Award in the "Concert" category in 2012.

Design Team

  • A spectacle by Olivier Dufour
  • Visual direction and co-screenwriting: José Morin
  • Direction of post -production: Eric Denis /
  • Original Music: Frédéric Bégin
  • Direction of photography: François Gamache
  • Lighting design: Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun and Félix Dagenais /
  • Pyrotechnics: Benoît Berthelet
  • Music production and sound environment: Jean-Pascal Beaudoin /
  • Projection design: Olivier Gagnon /
  • Sound design: Eric Demangel /
  • Production Management, facilities design: François Canac-Marquis


  • 2 Pro Tools HD Accel System 192 tracks
  • 12 D&B Q10 loudspeaker
  • 6 D&B Q1 loudspeaker
  • 12 Meyer Sound UPA Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeakers
  • 3 Meyer CQ-2 Narrow Coverage Main Loudspeakers
  • 12 Bose Panaray 402 Series II
  • 12 Yorkville LS720P


  • 6 Christie 20k Roadster
  • 6 Coolux Media Player


  • 1 Ma Lighting GrandMa2 Full-Size
  • 21 Vari-lite 3500S/W
  • 120 Color Kinetics ColorBlast
  • 12 Chauvet Sharpy

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