Fivestone Studios And DWP Live At CinemaCon 2015

Fivestone Studios and DWP Live have once again partnered on a 3D architectural projection mapping display on Caesars Palace at CinemaCon 2015 for their client Barco. This year, visuals included Barco's mascot, Barco Boy, being chased through Mayan ruins. Fivestone Studios writes on its website, "We tried out the new Octane Render Engine to expedite the massive render times. This GPU-based render engine matched the speed of our entire 14-computer farm on just one box! We also delivered the render as a set of UV maps, enabling DWP Live to map the output to an actual 3D laser scan of the building using their d3 technologies media servers." Projection was via Barco HDF-W30 projectors. Watch the video above and check their display at CinemaCon 2014.


Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production & Operations – Brian Altman

Creative Director/Lead Designer & Animator – Kyle Jones

Technical Director/Lead Designer & Animator – Kevin Harkness

Producer – Sara Towne

Sound Design/Scoring – Carson Carr

Music -Carson Carr, Cole Dumas & Zach Gunter

Design & Animation -Caresse Haaser, Zach Gunter & Eric Stars

Initial Styleframes -Steve Lewis, Tom Oakerson & Eric Stars

DWP Live

Executive Producers – Danny Whetstone & Rick Boot

Lead d3 Artist – Ben Ryle

d3 Support – Clay Tipton

Projectionist – Justin Carlson

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