Cygnus: Light Installation Creates Black Hole

Cygnus: Light Installation Creates Black Hole

Ever wonder what it is like on the inside of a black hole? Collaborators Bi'Seyler New Media Works, Ouchhh, Panpiper, and Staras explored this concept in their December 2014 light installation, Cygnus, which took the viewer on a journey through Cygnus X-1, a collapsed star or black hole, according to The Creators Project. 

The team used 46 Clay Paky Sharpy fixtures and 2 atmosphere hazers to simulate the journey through a 5-million-year-old constellation. At the International Brand Conference Istanbul at the Hilton Bomonti, the collaborators set up the fixtures at varying heights in order to create intersecting beams that would create a void in the center to represent Cygnus X-1.  

Watch the video of Cygnus below. 

For the full article, visit The Creators Project

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