CrowdGlow Creates Lightshow With Only Fans' Phones

Imagine creating a lightshow with only the glowing screens and strobing flashes of thousands of phones. There's an app for that. CrowdGlow was used to create lightshows during team introductions for the UK ice hockey team Braehead Clan this 2016 season at Intu Braehead Arena, according to Medium. Before a game, fans downloaded the app, and upon entering the arena, they received a welcome notification from CrowdGlow. As the team introductions started, fans held up their phones and let the show begin. Crowdglow allows full live and realtime control of an unlimited number of phones at events, without the users' need for WiFi or 3G connection. An iPad app allows live control of the phones, harnessing color, speed, and sequence mode selections to create a unique lightshow, with the ability to create a cue sheet beforehand. Watch the CrowdGlow highlights from the season in the video above.

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