Citibank Becomes A Digital Landmark In São Paulo

In 2007, São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world, banned all billboards in an effort to fight its growing problem of "visual pollution." So when Citibank's flagship branch Nova Faria Lima wanted to celebrate the bank's 100th anniversary in Brazil this year, the company turned to Founders, a Brazilian company part of the JChelby group, to transform the branch into a digital landmark within the city. Approved by the Clean City Law, the new billboard concept features 19 Christie GS Series laser phosphor projectors, producing 100,000 lumens, to create a 250 square meters permanent projection in the branch's glass façade, making it the only billboard in town. The project is a constant source of information, and media artists, poets, and designers are invited to create digital content sharing the news and culture of São Paulo. Check out the video of the digital landmark below.

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