April's New Products

The Vari*Lite VL1000 ERS Luminaire

Vari-Lite Inc. has introduced a very different automated luminaire, one that promises to raise the bar for other automated luminaires. The Vari*Lite® VL1000 ERS luminaire combines the functionality of one of the most popular conventional lighting tools, the ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, with the versatility of an automated luminaire. It won an Honorable Mention for Lighting Product of the Year/Entertainment at LDI and generated a lot buzz in the process. Rightfully so: this is a new tool many lighting designers will want to add to their equipment lists.

Features include a CYM color-mixing system that can go from the lightest pastels to fully saturated colors, a five — position plus open, indexing, rotating gobo wheel, a variable diffusion stage that can soften the image all the way out to a complete wash, and a zoom lens that ranges from 19° to 36° and a super zoom function out to 70°.

The unit also features accurate, repeatable, and smooth pan and tilt, plus a unique calibration sequence to allow for minimum spacing when the full pan range is not required. The pan range is 540°, and tilt is 270°, with a resolution of 0.1°. Full range of motion will require the luminaires to be hung on 26.5" centers. The unit will calibrate to support close hangs (yoke-to-yoke), allowing hanging as close as 18". The luminaire weighs 60lbs.

Incandescent versions VL1000T and VL1000TS use a 1,000W tungsten lamp to deliver over 10,000 lumens with a 3,200°K color temperature. Models VL1000A and VL1000AS use a 575W arc source to produce even more output and a 5,600°K color temperature. These models also include a mechanical dimmer and a truss-mounted, convection-cooled ballast.

Models VL1000TS and VL1000AS include an automated, four — blade shutter mechanism that provides control of all shutter functions like conventional ellipsoidals. Each blade can translate across 85% of field and rotate up to ±35°. The entire shutter rotates ±45°.

Vari-Lite Inc.
Dallas, TX


Bebop Deluxe

Altman Lighting introduces the Jazz Strip, using a wide range of 12V MR-16 tungsten halogen lamps. This luminaire is available in four standard lengths related to the number of color washes desired. It is lighter and has a shorter profile than its predecessors. Narrow spot, medium, and wide flood lamps are efficiently incorporated into the luminaire without trapping appreciable light. Recessed front-mounted neon indicator lights note lamp failure. Spring-loaded lampholders provide secure positioning of the lamps to hold them in place while touring. This narrow luminaire allows it to be used in closely spaced battens or in tight spaces where a general wash of light from the top, side, or bottom is desired.

Altman Lighting Inc.
Yonkers, NY
All-New Wyg

Cast Lighting's new WYSIWYG boasts an innovative interface and a range of tools that simplify the design process. Not only is the new WYSIWYG bundled and sold differently, it also boasts a new user interface that adopts a streamlined and task-oriented approach to its operations, allowing for easier navigation throughout the product, especially during the CAD process. Other new features include importing and exporting DWG/DXF; the layering ability of all library items; a shortcut bar to enable quick access to frequently used functions; and an error-checking function that detects mistakes automatically. Another new feature is the ability to go to a multi-monitor visualization workspace, with multiple WYSIWYG windows running simultaneously. The new family of products includes: Report, Design, Perform, and Learn.

Cast Lighting
Toronto, ON, Canada
Drop in Sometime

Design & Drafting is adding idrop, a new AutoDesk® technology that will be embedded into its members-only web pages. It is scheduled to be up and running by June of this year. It will give you the ability to drag design content from the Design and Drafting web page directly into your drawing. For example, you require a specific fixture, truss, table, or chair to embed in your LD Assistant Ac, AutoCAD® or 3D Studio VIZ® drawing. This will provide a library of blocks and objects, from which you can browse, then drag the appropriate fixture/object into your design session. Forget about the days of downloading, then inserting it. Now you can drag any DWG or VIZ file from the website and drop its geometry and all of its information directly into your design. idrop will require AutoCAD 2000i or 2002 and LD Assistant Ac V2, which is currently in beta testing and was on display at USITT and is scheduled for release in March.

Design & Drafting
Oak Lawn, IL
Foggy Day

Jem introduces the Glaciator, a self-contained, low fog — generating system. Replacing the larger, three — phase heavy fog machines, the Glaciator needs only a 13A power supply and a bottle of Jem Standard Heavy Fog Fluid. Unlike other machines on the market, it does not require CO2 cylinders and separate chillers to complete the package. The Glaciator has DMX control. An optional power ducting adapter (PDA) is available that allows ducting to be fitted to the machine for delivering fog to hard-to-reach locations. The adapter has a built-in booster fan that helps conduct the effect through longer lengths of ducting.

Jem, a division of Martin
Aarhus, Denmark
This Year's Model

MacPherson, Inc. introduces the M2X Version 2 loudspeaker. Compact and versatile, the two — way loudspeaker retains the physical characteristics of the M2X, while offering improvements in sonic performance. It features performance improvements to both the low- and high-frequency sections. A new high-power, 15" LF driver has been incorporated, offering greater definition and an overall warmer sound. With its extended frequency response, the speaker is equally effective whether used singly, in stereo pairs, or in horizontal arrays. For long life and durability, the cabinet is constructed using hardwood plywood and finished with a rugged epoxy coating.

MacPherson, Inc.
Skokie, IL

Total Structures' Omni, winner of the LDI Product of the Year/Rigging and Hardware, is a rotating, hinging, removable fork-and-spade truss connection system. The Omni connector allows trusses to hinge in either plane, along with the flexibility to bring three trusses together in a “Y” shape, or whole series of trusses to come together as 3D structural assemblies. Its first incarnation is as a standard fork-end connection that can also be used as a hinge. You can also rotate the forks through 90° and use it as a hinged corner. Other features include a double taper shear pin for ease of alignment, stainless-steel construction, and no fasteners protruding beyond the truss geometry.

Total Structures
Ventura, CA
Reel It in

Xedit Corp. introduces the Servoreeler models SRL-8MX and SRL-20MX, which are suspended, retractable microphone systems consisting of fully integrated Shure MX202 microphones. These units are specifically configured for boardrooms, teleconference and training facilities, and auditoriums, as well as church choirs. Servoreelers employ a patented design that permits unimpeded, smooth, deployment and retraction of the microphone cable. Automatic or incremental remote operation is readily accomplished by the push of a button or a computer command.

Queens Village, NY