Altman Revs Up Sales Engine


Altman Stage Lighting has named Guy Currier to the position of director of marketing. Currier brings eight years of experience in media, e-commerce, and market development to the company.

He is to supervise the creation of an entirely new class of customer and dealer services for Altman, planned to bring the company into closer communication with lighting professionals. These services will include new sales programs; deeper, more informative web-based services for designers, consultants, and resellers; and customer relationship systems designed to be responsive to the needs of the buyer and market.

“We have big plans and a lot of expectations for the coming year,” says Bob Altman, president of the company. “We've always had a reputation for innovative engineering and top-notch manufacturing, but this year we're going to focus more on what kind of job we do connecting with those who benefit from this excellence: our customers. That's the reason for the new programs, and it's why we hired Guy, who really understands how buyers' and dealers' needs have changed in recent years.”

As an example, one of the more interesting new services planned is a Lighting Consultant Program, which will take a designer's lighting concepts and work backwards to help determine equipment needs. This will be an all-around program allowing customers to work directly with Altman staff as well as draw on computer-based resources and link to the company's recently released CD-ROM catalog.

Currier will report directly to Bruce McFarlane, Altman's director of sales, who looks forward to increased visibility and tighter links to both customers and dealers. “Guy has a lot of energy, and great experience with new media, marketing technology, and resellers. But he doesn't get lost in all of these cool toys and forget what marketing is all about. That's the kind of marriage of the best of the old and the new we were looking for.”