Alcorn McBride AmpTraXX and Information Station HD


Alcorn McBride (Booth #2105) is exhibiting products such as its AmpTraXX intelligent amplifier and the Information Station HD.

AmpTraXX offers great density, attractive per channel pricing, and intelligent features for demanding applications. In many systems, it eliminates the need for expensive EQ or DSP racks. It has 16 channels of amplification and EQ in two units of rack space. You can set the desired volume and EQ then flip a switch to permanently store the settings and disable further tampering. Each channel provides 20W of power, enough to deliver over 90dB into a 1,600 sq ft room with four ceiling mount speakers.

Each channel has independent filter configuration (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, or None) and filter cutoff frequencies (20-20KHz). Filter roll off is 24dB per octave. There are also level and peak LED indicators for all 16 channels.

A serial RS-232 interface allows individual dynamic control of all sixteen channels. Initial setup is easy with the included graphical Windows software.

Alcorn McBride has begun shipping its Information Station HD, a high definition player capable of reproducing 24 frame/second progressive scan images at 1092 by 1080 pixels. The player uses the new WMV/HD video format, which avoids MPEG-II artifact problems, providing extremely sharp picture quality at significantly lower bitrates.

The Information Station HD offers the same feature set as Alcorn McBride standard definition point of sale player, including the ability to update videos over a network or the Internet, from DVD ROM or USB devices. It supports playlists and schedules.

The Information Station HD can overlay video with text banners, logos, and other graphics, including watermarks. It can even float images dynamically to avoid screen burn-in. Flash Animation and Web Access can also be used to create dynamic program content.

The unit requires no preventative maintenance, but if it needs help, it can send a maintenance request in the form of an e-mail.

For more information contact Alcorn McBride Inc.,

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