WorldStage Offers Viz:140, Merging Live Tweeting and Professional Presentations

Viz:140, the professional software tool that captures, curates, visualizes and presents social media on any number of displays, is available for rental exclusively through WorldStage Inc.  Viz:140 (formerly called CommuniType) was developed by Pretty Extreme Inc. to give presenters, party planners and content producers ultimate control over social media content.  Much more than a media server, Viz:140 allows users to program a show with any combination of data sources, filter that data into meaningful content, then visualize it onscreen in customizable and unique ways. 
With the ubiquity of Twitter, the need to bring Tweets into the presentation environment and provide immediate, engaging media sharing to large audiences and visitor groups is greater than ever.
"Making Twitter beautiful is our goal," says Shelly Sabel, director of design at WorldStage.  "Other visualizers are very basic: they simply display the font that's native to Twitter but Viz:140 makes the content exciting.  It encourages engagement with event participants and is a great tool for experiential marketing, big conferences and trade shows."
Viz:140 developer Josh Silverman has made the visually regimented Twitter "scalable and designable," notes Sabel.  Content can be branded and customized or users can select graphical themes - font styles, colors, backgrounds, images - created by WorldStage.  "We have created templates for plug-and-play usage, which can be tailored for a variety of presentation modes" she explains.  "We can also embed video content as a background behind incoming Twitter and Instagram feeds. In addition, this software can archive hashtags and output them as a word cloud.  Viz:140 is a very flexible tool."
Viz:140's node-based display system can drive any number of displays and offers an integrated content production and control interface.  In addition to Twitter feeds, data input modules receive inputs from SMS, email, RSS, files, network folders, Instagram and
"The direct link with Instagram is cool," says Sabel.  "If an image captured at an event has a hashtag it can be discovered or geotagged.  And, we now have the ability to connect with PollEverywhere and create real-time audience interaction and response."  VIZ:140's real-time functionality immediately transforms poll data into compelling bar charts, pie charts and backgrounds that engage event participants.
Viz:140 has been used for corporate events large and small; the system's flexibility makes it an excellent choice for integration with an A/V system of any size or complexity.
Recently, WorldStage supplied Viz:140 to George P. Johnson for a dealer meeting in Chicago, to InVision Communications for Oracle Open World in San Francisco, and a number of recent HBO premiere events across the country.  The system is available exclusively for rental through WorldStage Inc.
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