WorldStage Adds Next NXT-1 From Chauvet Professional To Inventory


NEW YORK – It’s no accident that WorldStage has been on an roll lately, lighting top television programs from The Today Show to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and providing video for cutting-edge conferences like WSJ Digital Live and Adobe Max along with top Broadway productions like Motown Live.  Lighting designers and directors know that when they call WorldStage they’ll not only find a high level of reliability and service, but also the latest lighting and video products.

WorldStage calls this commitment to keeping current “working industry.” Recently, the company took a significant step toward making its working industry concept work even harder for clients when it added 50 Next NXT-1 moving LED panels from CHAUVET Professional to its inventory. “We have 50 NXT-1 fixtures, probably the largest in the eastern region,” said Terry Jackson, Vice President and Director of Lighting at WorldStage.

Jackson recalls that it was a relatively easy decision for him and Drew DeCorleto, Director of Lighting Production at WorldStage, to add the Next NXT-1 to the company’s inventory after seeing a shop demo by CHAUVET Professional’s representative Frank Danko of BMG Hudson. “We loved the fixture as soon as we saw it,” said the WorldStage vice president. “Drew and I both felt it would provide a great option, allowing us to meet clients’ requests for a ‘square moving light’ with a value driven, reliable product.”

Apparently, WorldStage’s clients share this enthusiasm. The company quickly placed Next NXT-1 panels with LD Mike Grabowski on MTV NYE and on an MTV Pilot, as well as with LD Peter Greenbaum on The Today Show.  “We feel that these units are an easy sell to our client base because they’re not only a dynamic new fixture with many of the features that designers are requesting, but also because they have a square shape that works well to break up the standard ‘lighting look’ on most shows,” said DeCorleto.

Albert Chauvet, president and CEO of Chauvet Lighting, is equally enthused about the Next NXT-1’s future with WorldStage. “Having the NXT-1 picked up by WorldStage is a great validation of our efforts, because everyone in the industry knows how thoroughly WorldStage does its homework,” said Chauvet. “This is a company that looks at products from every conceivable angle, understanding how a fixture is going to be used in the real world, so it can offer clients the best combination of performance and value. Certainly it’s an honor to have any product added to WorldStage’s inventory.  We felt this way when WorldStage added Nexus, and we feel even more that way now based on the company’s impressive track record.”

The Next NXT-1 addition follows the successful rollout WorldStage had with the Nexus 4x4 LED panel from CHAUVET Professional. “This is another building block in an already strong relationship between WorldStage and Chauvet,” said DeCorleto.  “We have seen success in the Nexus panel rental market and are confident that the NXT-1 will continue down that successful path as well!”

For his part, Chauvet has been impressed with the two companies’ philosophical fit. “We share the values of being thoughtful, detail conscious and value driven with WorldStage” he said – a point that the WorldStage team agrees with wholeheartedly.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with companies that think like us,” said Jackson. “Our ‘working Industry’ commitment means that we spend time to research what designers are using and requesting. We speak with and demo gear to designers, production electricians and studio production staff. By the time we pull the trigger on a new rental product, we are very confident in the ability to get them out into the rental world immediately. We take pride in what we do and stand behind all of the products we rent. We call that DEDICATION TO QUALITY AND SERVICE. It’s important to WorldStage and it’s important to Chauvet too.”

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