Widespread Panic Rocks Tunes For Tots and New Year's Eve with Bandit

ATLANTA, GEORGIA- While others around the world may have been watching a ball drop at midnight, those at the Phillips Arena were bathed in beams of light as Widespread Panic performed to thousands. Bandit Lites provided the lighting for both Widespread Panic’s annual Tunes for Tots concert and the New Year’s Eve concert a day later.

Lighting designer Paul Hoffman created the incredible design using the band’s fall touring rig with “embellishments.” Two long curved trusses stretched out over the audience to give the lighting more reach as well as accommodate the special effects like pyro and confetti.

Equipment included Vari*Lite 3000 Spots, Clay Paky Sharpys, GLP X4S’s, Martin MAC 101s, Bandit 5x5s, Bandit GRN Pars, GrandMA2 Consoles, a 60” mirror-ball, and 2-lights. Additional video equipment included a video screen of Mirage Panels and Maxedia Video Servers.

“As always I’m going for equipment that provides me a broad range of capability while still providing a high-quality elegant light,” explained Hoffman. “VL3000s have been my fixture of preference for years now but I am very impressed with the size and capability of the GLP X4S.  I have actually replaced my lekos for the first time since 2009 – now I can adjust them on the fly when guests are invited on stage. In addition, truss-climbing and conventional dimmers are no longer a part of our picture.”

With a tight schedule following Widespread Panic’s fall tour and in need of a rig for not one, but two different concerts, Bandit worked with Paul to expand the design of the touring rig.

“Bandit, as always, did an excellent job of pulling off both shows – with even a little bit of equipment being shared between them over the two nights,” said Hoffman. “Strong credit should go to Dizzy Gosnell, Shawn Lear, Wayne Lotoza, Andy French and Sarah Eucker.”

Dizzy Gosnell, of Bandit said, “The live shows for Widespread Panic are legendary for their total immersive quality in sound and visuals, and Paul yet again conjured up a design that produced truly spectacular lighting looks. This system was not at all massive in current arena tour terms, but the way he gets the most out of each light on the rig is really impressive, and should be a benchmark for young LD’s to observe and learn from.”

“Widespread Panic will continue to move forward in 2014 working diligently to bring a truly unique and exciting visual spectacle to accompany their eclectic brand of music,” added Hoffman. “We will be experimenting with new technologies and design as well as working towards having a leaner, meaner, greener touring operation – a continued commitment to LED for lower power consumption and less overall total weight and volume of equipment to be trucked from city to city. We look forward to working with Bandit Lites on all of those initiatives.”

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