White Light Unveils "Most Important Console Wing Ever"

With much of the innovation in the world of lighting control currently being found in the field of portable lighting wings, entertainment lighting specialist White Light has decided to take things one stage further with the launch of the White Light Wing Mirror Set.

Launching today, White Light Wing Mirrors are designed to solve what has been a constant fear of lighting programmers during technical rehearsal periods of shows: saying something ingracious, inelegant or just plain rude about a member of the creative team, then realising that person is standing right behind them. 
In the past, the consequences of this have been all too terrible: loss of faith, loss of trust, redundancy, or, at the very least, the lighting programmer having to buy the drinks from then on in a groveling attempt to apologise. White Light Wing Mirrors provide a practical alternative solution: by increasing the operator's field of view from the console from the stage to nearly 360 degrees, it allows anyone seated at the console (or, by careful positioning, also others close to the console, such as the lighting designer) to know who is behind them before they start speaking.
The new product, which will be manufacturerd and distributed from White Light's south-London base, has already gained praise from product reviewers who were allowed a sneak preview. One said of the Wing Mirrors: "This may be the most important console wing ever invented - no more looking over your shoulder, no more anxiety about not knowing who may be standing right behind you."
"We've always aimed to do all we can to improve the working conditions of those creating shows," comments White Light's Managing Director, Bryan Raven, "offering the latest consoles, bigger screens, Little-Lites and even, on occasion, production desk cooling fans and more comfortable seats. We think White Light Wing Mirrors are a major advance in this area, giving a clear field of view of your entire surroundings without the need to look away from the stage. The only blind spot remaining will sometimes be through the mass of monitors in front of the console obliterating the view ahead. We are working on a solution to that, too; look out for the White Light Periscope next April."
Sold in handed sets of two, one mirror for each end of the console, designed to be compatible with the widest possible range of lighting consoles through an adjustable mounting kit. With pan and tilt movement movement, they will accommodate programmers and operators of all heights. White Light Wing Mirrors are available from today, priced at just £410.14.