VMB's Biggest Towerlift Is Now Available

VMB’s Biggest Towerlift Is Now Available

Prolifts S.L. has released the new VMB HDT-8 lifter. The Heavy Duty Tower is now VMB’s largest towerlift elevating 350kg (772lb) to a maximum height of 8.2m (26.9’) and will be shown on VMB’s stand at Prolight & Sound in April.

BGV-C1 certified, the HDT-8 includes the ALS (Auto Lock Security) system, a safety feature which automatically locks the lift masts as they rise. It also has VMB’s SRS (Sequence Retainer System) meaning the masts rise and descend in sequence, one after the other.

The masts are manufactured from aluminum to keep the weight as low as possible. Steel outriggers and a special reinforced base add further security. A double handed special winch makes elevation easier and the lifting carriage has options for 3 different lifting positions. The HDT-8 has been designed and manufactured to offer a truly rugged and durable lift.

VMB is distributed in the United States by Creative Stage Lighting. For more information please call (518) 251-3302.