UDC AJA Gang Control Debuts From HRS Control


HRS Control has introduced AJA Gang Control for its popular Universal Device Controller (UDC), which allows users to take control of the full family of AJA products from the UDC software and any tablet, touch- or web-enabled device.  The AJA product lines supported include FS2, FS1, the Ki Pro family and KUMO.
HRS Control developed AJA Gang Control after offering selected customers AJA Ki Pro control for live event playback.  "To meet their needs we added Ki Pro control to UDC software," says Drew Taylor at High Resolution Systems.  "AJA really liked what we were doing and recommended our software to their customers.  Then we began working with AJA on custom configurations within UDC, pre-configuring the system so it can be used on a daily basis or as a training tool that can be customized further."
"Our KUMO, FS, and Ki Pro products all have Ethernet interfaces that allow complete control of the devices over a LAN, and HRS Control has added an extra layer of customizable automation software for customers that maximize and complement this ability," said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. "HRS Control's new AJA Gang Control software offerings extend flexibility to our customers that want to add automation to their AJA based workflows, as well as integrating AJA devices together and within other control environments with protocol translation."
Cost-effective UDC AJA Gang Control provides AJA product users with the features that have made UDC software so popular across the board: Macros, Web Server, Scheduling, Variables and Logic.  Five custom controller interfaces are available for software or web server control; downloadable Apple iPad and Windows tablet apps are free of charge and the software works on Android through the web browser.
USB button panel controllers can be added to the software and rack mount button panels are also available.  
Several features are tailored specifically to AJA Ki Pro.  Start/stop records on multiple Ki Pros can be triggered with a press of a button or automated by time of day.  Customers can get clip lists and playlist information from multiple Ki Pros and load clips and play multiple Ki Pros.
UDC Ki Pro File Management permits simultaneous file transfers over the network on multiple files across multiple Ki Pros.  File transfers for archiving to local or network drives can be activated by a press of the button or via time of day with UDC scheduling.
"Ki Pro File Management is a cool new tool that streamlines file transfer for back up or archiving," says Taylor.  "It makes it easy to automate transfers, schedule them and have one-button control."
AJA KUMO users also have KUMO matrix control with real time status updates and switching, a feature originally developed for other routers and now available for the AJA KUMO routers.
HRS Control has also introduced UDC AJA Gang Control Plus, which offers everything available in AJA Gang Control plus two additional features that enable broadcasters to group AJA devices from the technical director position.  First, Protocol Translation translates known incoming control protocols to any outgoing AJA product.  Supported protocols include PBUS, VDCP, Art-Net, DMX, MIDI, MOS and more.
Second, UDC Time Code allows users to execute control based on time code or deploy UDC software to generate time code.  This additional feature utilizes network based time code or a third-party network interface box for LTC and MIDI time code interfacing.
UDC AJA Gang Control is a cost-effective software package for AJA product users, Taylor points out.  "We're offering it at a lower price than our UDC Pro software because it's limited to control of AJA devices.  But we provide the ability to upgrade to a full UDC Pro license at anytime.  Users who choose to upgrade will be able to unlock the rest of the features and gain full control of any device that UDC supports."
UDC AJA Gang Control is now shipping.
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