Shrek The Musical Lighting Gear

Following is a complete list of lighting gear currently being used by lighting designer Hugh Vanstone and his team on Shrek The Musical on Broadway:


2 MA Lighting grandMA Lighting Console
2 MA Lighting grandMA Light Lighting Console
2 19” Flat Panel LCD Monitors
7 17" Flat Panel LCD Monitors
2 Handheld Wireless RFU
6 ETC Sensor+ 96 x 2.4kw Dimmer Rack
56 Vari-Lite VL3000Q Spot
56 Vari-Lite VL5B Wash
35 Vari-Lite VL500 Wash
6 DHA 6-Light Digital Light Curtain
1 DHA 8-Light Digital Light Curtain
1 DHA DMX to Light Talk Controller for DMX Interface
76 ETC Source

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TAGS: Lighting
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