Stimson Group Releases New Videos

Stimson Group is pleased to announce the release of an eleven part video series titled, Around the Table with TomStimson featuring top CEOs from the Live Events industry. These industry leaders share ideas, views, and approaches on important subjects such as Employee Recruiting and Retention, Social Media, Labor and Tax Audits, Capital Budgeting, and more.

Moderator Tom Stimson comments, "For many years I have hosted dinners at InfoComm and LDI and invited CEOs to meet, dine, and chat. Everyone loves these events and I am often asked how can someone get invited or at least be a fly on the wall." Around the Table with Tom Stimson is access to this exclusive club. For much less than the cost of nice dinner, you can sit in on hours of conversations that will help you better understand how to face the same issues in your company.

Tom continues. "'Predictions for 2014 validated all the trends I have been tracking for many months. I was glad to hear other people were seeing the same things. And in What's Really Important, our guests shared their favorite business lessons. Everyone really opened up."

The series is intended to be viewed and discussed by owners and managers of any rental production company working in the AV, Touring, or Event Management segments. The episodes are 15 to 30 minutes long and include a summary of lessons and key takeaways presented by Tom Stimson. "It's not always easy to apply what we've just heard. I wanted to take some extra time to help viewers frame the internal discussions they should be having at their companies."

For more information, to watch the trailer, or to purchase or rent Around the Table with Tom Stimson, visit

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