Staging Concepts Launches Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade

Staging Concepts, industry leader in portable staging equipment, launches its   newest product: The Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade. Its innovative design makes it one of the most durable and efficient crowd control barricades in the industry.

Created after the Staging Concepts Steel Crowd Control Barricade, the lightweight Aluminum Barricade makes securing the perimeter of a concert crowd or large event easy. Its clear coat finish prevents corrosion, allowing it to endure the most intense conditions of an outdoor venue.

The advanced corner gate allows for versatility, enabling a venue to set its barricades at any angle to adjust for various events. Each section is equipped with a simple locking mechanism to quickly and effectively create a secure barricade. The barricade sections require only two people for easy installation.

 “We wanted to create a barricade that was lightweight and easy to manage, allowing for fast setup and takedown for any size event,” said Zach Heiling, Staging Concepts Design Engineer. “Weighing only 102 lbs, each section can be assembled within minutes.”

The Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade has an integral step on the surveillance of each barricade section for security personal to administer additional crowd control. Each barricade section can be compactly folded to fit most storage spaces. A Barricade Cart is also available for easy transport and storage.

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