Rogue Moving Heads Among Highlights For Chauvet Professional At InfoComm

LAS VEGAS – Expect the “Rogue” revolution to be in full force at CHAUVET Professional’s booth (# C5856) at InfoComm 2014.  No this isn’t a band of ruffians that visitors will see, but a rebellion against all previous notions about quality and pricing in lighting – in the form of the company’s new value-packed, breakthrough Rogue Series moving heads.  

A new class of fixture, the Rogue Series consists of high-performance automated spots and beams that are loaded with features like gobo morphing, variable speed scrolling and multi-prism rotation, typically thought to be unattainable at their price point. Promoted as “weapons of mass creation” that revolt against “the tyranny of tight budgets,” the Rogue fixtures’ bright output, vivid colors, stunning effects and rapid movements will impress audiences and clients in a wide range of applications, while their cost-efficiency will yield a high return on investment for lighting designers, installers and rental houses.

CHAUVET Professional will also be introducing two new fog machines at InfoComm.  One, the Atmos, is a powerful unit with a 9.5 liter (2.4 gallon) tank that’s ideal for creating intense fog effects at medium-to- large productions.  The second, the Fusion, illuminates bursts of fog with colored light from 28 x RGBA LEDs for an eye-popping “two-in-one” effect.  

Additionally, the company is unveiling a new member of its battery-powered, wireless-DMX WELL Series, the WELL Flex, featuring a 12°-18° zoom, which offers a “cordless”  solution for uplighting or downlighting walls, scrims and architectural elements. Other notable items at CHAUVET Professional’s display include: the Net-X, a rack-mountable Art-Net™ to DMX adapter with an integrated optical DMX splitter; and new accessories for the company’s Ovation Series LED stage and studio lights, including Barn Doors for the Ovation F-95WW and F-165WW Fresnel models, and Zoom Barrels for the Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal. 

Here is a closer look at these show highlights, which can be seen at CHAUVET Professional’s InfoComm booth #C5856.

Rogue Series – These compact spot and beam moving heads offer quality engineering and premium features at such an amazingly down-to-earth price that they are true industry game changers. “With Rogue, even lighting professionals on a limited budget will be able to create some very intense, high-impact designs with crisp beams, bright colors, aerial effects and split colors that might otherwise have been out of reach to them cost-wise,”  said Mike Graham, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional. “What’s more, for production houses, the ROI on these units is amazing.  They will pay for themselves faster than just about any other moving head out there.”  Bright, quiet, fast-moving and lightweight, the versatile Rogue fixtures are perfect for a variety of applications, with four models in the series to choose from: 

  • Rogue R1 Spot – Featuring a powerful 140W LED that produces a flat even field of light, and a 16° beam angle, this unit is ideal for gobo projection.  Equipped with 2 gobo wheels (one static, one rotating), and an 8-position color wheel, it also includes a 3-facet prism for impressive aerial effects.  A motorized iris and focus allow for easy beam shaping.
  • Rogue R1 Beam – This high-output beam effect uses a 6,000-hour rated Osram Sirius 132W HRI lamp to emit 78,700 lux @ 15 meters.  It includes a unique fixed 14-slot color wheel with split color ability and variable speed scrolling, plus a 17-slot gobo wheel featuring aerial gobos and a mix of apertures for tightly collimated beam looks. The real stunner is its set of 2 prisms (5-facet and 8-facet), which are layerable and independently controllable, taking gobo and aerial effects to a new level of awesome!
  • Rogue R2 Spot –Its 240W LED engine shoots out punchy bold beams (5,500 lux @ 5 meters), while its 2 color wheels, 2 gobo wheels, frost, and motorized rotating 3-facet prism put an incredible palette of tools at the designer’s fingertips. Gobo morphing between gobo wheels, split colors, and creative beam shaping via a motorized iris and frost are just some of the great effects that can be created with this 16.5°-beam-angle moving head spot.
  • Rogue R2 Beam – A tight 1° beam angle and powerful Osram Sirius 230W HRI lamp (133,200 lux @ 15 meters) make the Rogue R2 Beam a virtual “light cannon.”    Not only do its intense, mighty beams cut through washes and other lights, it also offers a bevy of effects, including: a scrollable 14-color wheel that can produce split colors; a 17-slot gobo wheel with continuous and variable speed scrolling;, and an 8-facet rotating prism with a zoom for creating an infinite array of aerial and gobo effects -- limited only by your imagination!

Atmos -- A powerful and versatile fog machine, the Atmos’s large-capacity tank (2.4 gallon/9.5 liter), rapid reheat time and 40,000 CFM output allow it to create intense large-scale effects.  It is also optimized to generate continuous output at lower volumes for creating background atmosphere.  Designed for medium-to-large productions, the sturdy unit can be operated with a standard DMX controller or with its own on-board wired controller, which will work from distances as far away as 200 feet with the addition of a 5-pin DMX cable.  Recommended fog fluids include CHAUVET HDF high-density and QDF quick-dissipating fluid.

Fusion – A “smoke burst” fogger and LED color changing effect in one!  The fascinating Fusion uses proprietary pump technology to generate a thick column of smoke with instantaneous spurts and cutoffs that simulate cryogenic and pyrotechnic burst effects.  These surges of smoke are dramatically illuminated by 28 red, green, blue and amber LEDs for a truly unusual and dazzling effect. The Fusion has a 1.6 kW heater for rapid reheating and 0.7 gallon (2.5 liter) tank for extended use.  It works with a variety of CHAUVET fog and haze fluids, but CHAUVET QDF is recommended for thick smoke columns that dissipate rapidly.

WELL Flex – The newest addition to CHAUVET Professional’s popular “go-anywhere” WELL series of battery-operated, wireless DMX uplights, the WELL Flex is powered  by four Quad-Color RGBW 10W LEDs for stunning color mixing and ultra-smooth color fades.  Featuring  an adjustable tilting yoke and a manual 12°-18° zoom, it is capable of precise and powerful uplighting.  The sturdy fixture is very versatile, offering both overhead and floor mounting options, with an attractive black case design for discreet use in dark environments.  Its lightweight lithium-ion battery can operate at full output for 7 hours and charges quickly in 4 hours.  RGBW color mixing and other functions can be controlled  manually or via wireless or standard DMX, with a variety of simple and complex profiles available for programming versatility.   The portable unit weighs only 12.2 pounds (5.5 kg) with dimensions of 6 x 12 x 10 inches (152 x 305 x 254 mm), and comes in a 6-piece charging flight case for ease of use and versatility.

Net-X – Combining the best features of an Art-Net node and an opto-isolator, the Net-X is a reliable, versatile tool for use in DMX and Art-Net lighting rigs.  It is rack mountable, and it includes two 5-pin DMX inputs and eight 5-pin DMX outputs, all optically isolated, and it can handle up to eight Art-Net universes simultaneously. Designed to offer flexible options, its DMX outputs can be assigned to either of the DMX inputs or the Art-Net input. The Net-X is also scalable, with the ability to daisy-chain multiple units via Art-Net if more than eight universes are needed.

Ovation Series Accessories – CHAUVET Professional’s Ovation Series stage and studio lights have just become even more versatile with the availability of new accessories.  The company has introduced Barn Doors for the Ovation F-95WW and F-165WW Fresnels, which can be used to shield excess light from stage and architectural elements.  Lightweight and easy to use, the Barn Doors for the F-95WW will also fit other fixtures that accept a 6.25-inch (159 mm) accessory, while the Barn Doors for the F-165WW will fit other fixtures that can take a 7.5-inch (191 mm) accessory.   Also new in the accessory category are Zoom Barrels for the Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal, which feature variable beam angles, a gobo and accessory slot, 4 adjustable shutters and a 7.5-inch (191 mm) gel frame.  Two Zoom Barrels are available – a 15°-30° version and a 25°-50° version – both offering the ability to rotate.  Both barrels also feature an easy-to-use dial and slide mechanism for adjusting the beam angle and focus.

See these products and other exciting new introductions from CHAUVET Professional at the company’s InfoComm Booth #C5856.

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