Robe Lights Lali’s Solo Career Launch in Buenos Aires

Argentinian Lighting Designer Carlos Gaber used ten Robe LEDBeam 100s and four Robe CityFlex 48s, together with other luminaires for a special event to launch the solo career of local artist Lali Espósito, at La Trastienda club in Buenos Aires.

Carlos marked several positions on the stage where Lali had to stand ‘on her marks’ during her performance to create some great theatrical scenes and effects.

He also consulted both the choreographer and the costume designer whilst programming the  lighting to ensure all elements of the show were in sync.

Although there were other fixed and moving lights on the rig, the ROBIN LEDBeam 100s and CityFlex 48s were right at the core of the action.

Four of the ROBIN LEDBeam 100s were hung on a central truss and the other six were positioned vertically - three each side of an LED screen.

The CityFlex 48s were used downstage as footlights with a warm colour correction palette applied that worked really well for the amassed press and media .

Gaber, who also was in charge of programming and operating, said: “The LEDBeam 100s are very fast and lightweight with a beautiful colour palette, great output and aesthetics. The best part is the smooth dimming curve.”

On the CityFlex 48s he highlighted the articulated arms which allow light to be directed anywhere it is needed. “This allowed me to wash Lali’s full body in spite of being downstage and only a very short distance away,” he enthused.

He added that all the lights worked incredibly well and looked exactly as he had predicted during his 3D visualisation,  “They are excellent, I love them!” he concluded.

The event was produced by 3música, with artistic direction by Horacio Ferrando.