Renewed Vision Unveils New Version of ProVideoPlayer™ Media Server and Digital Signage Software

ATLANTA -- Since its original release eight years ago, Renewed Vision's ProVideoPlayer™ (PVP) software has been used to create exciting video walls, dynamic staging, engaging digital signage and more for countless live events and permanent installs. Now, the company is proud to announce the product’s next generation, known as PVP 2, which offers an all-new user interface and significant number of improvements over the highly successful initial release.

"ProVideoPlayer has been a very popular product finding success in concert staging, video walls, houses of worship, digital signage, and various environments as a quality media server," says Renewed Vision Partner Greg Dolezal, "and version two builds on years of experience in each of these arenas with specific input from our user base. Rewriting the application from the ground up, it was our goal to build a next-generation product with a world-class feature set that would still be financially attractive. PVP 2 centers around our core value of ease of use, yet has the power to deliver functionality never before seen at this price point. We are very excited to produce a product that can be used in so many creative ways in countless different venues."

With its new Multiple Screen functionality, ProVideoPlayer 2 makes it easier than ever to create multi-screen presentations from a single computer with support for multiple graphics cards and easy mapping within each card and across multiple cards. Users can also add external graphics processors to each one of these graphics card outputs for even more screens, as well as add outputs that are not yet connected to a physical output, allowing shows to be pre-built off-site prior to the event.

PVP 2 supports Multiple Layers, which afford the flexibility to create unique looks and allow the user to take full advantage of multiple screens. A layer is merely a video channel, so multiple layers are also great for a single screen environment where layering, textures, or PIPs are desired.

With its easy UI and WYSIWYG interface for drawing outputs, PVP 2 greatly simplifies complex Mapping applications. Users can import photos of stage designs, drag displays where they are positioned within the image, and resize them to reflect their relative size versus other screens. Then, when spanning a target across all of the screens, PVP 2 handles the scaling and the rendered video on each screen is now positioned properly in real space.

Ideal for use on large-scale projects, PVP 2's new Networking and Content Management functionality enables users to network systems together and deliver frame-accurate synced playback across multiple machines. Particularly noteworthy is the ability to push content--be it actual video files, playlists, folders, and even output position, layers, and targets--from the Master machine to the Slave machines. And the Tabbed Viewing feature allows users to view Slave machines as a tab on the Master and move content, arrange playlists, trigger clips, clear layers, and more from one convenient location.

Text Stream is another exciting new capability that allows PVP 2 to work directly with ProPresenter, Renewed Vision's award-winning presentation tool offering character generation. PVP 2 can now receive a stream of slide text data via the network and render this text atop the video being played according to the characteristics defined in the streamed content. This allows any PVP Master or Network Node to display text elements on the screens they are in control of without the need of a switcher or similar device.

Numerous other ProVideoPlayer 2 improvements abound, including: Key Mapping for programming actions to be quickly triggered via a keystroke instead of a mouse click; Scheduler, which is a collection of actions (triggers for cues) for the day; Syphon support for sharing graphics output with other programs that can manipulate them directly on the same computer; an Edge Blending engine that makes it easy to use two or more projectors to create a seamless large screen image, vertically or horizontally; and expanded Effects capabilities that can be combined with one another to create more advanced looks.

Beyond that, additional features include 2D/3D Transitions, Macros, Masking, Hot Folders, Go to X / Loop for X, Sub-screens, Quick Preview, Live Video, Rotation, Effect Sets / Effects Cues, Corner Pinning, Looks, Playlist Export, Communications (Serial and DMX), Manual Mode, CITP Thumbnails, and Cues for Masks and Looks. For detailed descriptions of these features and more, visit

ProVideoPlayer 2 features a list price of $999, which provides a software license for a single computer. However, Renewed Vision announces that all purchases of PVP from June 2013 will receive full dollar-per-dollar credit toward the purchase of a PVP 2 license.

Currently available for download via, PVP 2 is exclusive to the Mac platform and minimally requires a 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later, and at least 4GB of RAM.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Renewed Vision ( is a leading manufacturer of cross-platform video production software for a myriad of professional environments, including live concerts, houses of worship, sporting events, conferences and even broadcast television. Founded in 2000 with the premise of "enhancing environments through technology," Renewed Vision's three core products--ProPresenter, ProVideoPlayer and ProVideoServer--are all widely celebrated for their stability, ease of use and affordability.

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