RC4Wireless Offers RC4Magic Starter Kits and Wireless LED Dimming Kits

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RC4Wireless Offers RC4Magic Starter Kits and Wireless LED Dimming Kits

RC4 Magic Starter Kit 1110Props people, lighting designers, and electricians will be excited to discover that RC4Wireless is now offering specially priced RC4Magic Wireless DMX & Dimming Starter Kits for a limited time.  Every new kit comes with 3 unique and secure Digital IDs.  Since every RC4Magic user has their own IDs, no RC4 user can ever interfere with another RC4 user’s show.

RC4Wireless is also offering a low-cost Wireless LED Dimming Kit for Educators.  This affordably-priced kit is ready to use right out of the box.  It demonstrates smooth wireless dimming, and includes a bright red-green-blue LED, 6V rechargeable battery, and charger.  All you need is a DMX controller to start experimenting with beautiful, affordable, safe, cool-running LEDs.

James David Smith, President and Chief Product Designer at RC4, is excited to see simple LED color mixing used more in an educational setting. “Every time we demonstrate smooth wireless dimming with red-green-blue LED devices -- and we’ve been doing this for many years -- eyes light up as young minds absorb the richness and simplicity of additive color-mixing,” explains Smith.  “When the concepts are reduced to a single 3-color light source, a small battery, and a little RC4 dimmer -- a solution that fits in the palm of your hand -- the complexities of large fixtures are stripped away and no longer obfuscate learning and understanding.  There are few educational tools that are this exciting and this eye-opening.”

RC4 Magic Educational LED KitCost matters, of course.  While major producers compete to see who can spend the most money on their next mega-show, the rest of us face the ongoing challenge of doing more with less.

“I know, from speaking with prop masters, costume people, and other artisans across the country, that budgets have been shrinking.  Wireless dimming is exciting, for sure, but it has to be affordable,” says Sean Dane, Director of Sales at RC4Wireless. “By preprogramming and bundling starter kits with new digital IDs, we eliminate the custom ID programming and verification process that precedes most RC4Magic shipments.  This saves us time, and time is money, making RC4Magic Starter Kits remarkably affordable.”

Evenso, efficiencies of this sort can only go so far, and deep discounts won’t be offered forever.  “Our starter kit bundling process, when handled in volume, saves us something in the ballpark of 7 or 8 percent,” notes Smith.  But right now -- until November 30 -- we’re discounting our kits 20%, 25%, sometimes even more.  If you do the math -- compare regular RC4 prices to Starter Kit prices -- you’ll find that you’re basically getting the system transmitter for just $99.  It’s crazy… the parts alone cost more than that!  So now’s the time, really.  RC4Magic Starter Kits will probably never be this inexpensive again.”

RC4Magic Wireless DMX and Dimming has always let you do more.  Now, until November 30, special RC4Magic pricing lets you do it for less.  Learn more at www.theatrewireless.com.


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