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Here at RC4, where all the fun begins and never really ends,
we're updating the terms and conditions of our warranty to make it even more attractive to our valued customers.

Of course, all warranties in the free world must be "limited," with carefully considered boundaries and restrictions on what can be sent back for free repair.  But I, James David Smith, exalted president and CEO of RC4 Wireless, have an unusual aversion to lawyers and legalese; I don't want a team of ivory-tower attorneys coming anywhere near my business policies and practices.


Which leads us to our

Send us some examples of what you think we should explicitly NOT cover under warranty.  Here are a couple of examples:

RC4 Wireless will not provide warranty service for units that have been operated under water.

If you decide to do your own repairs with a blow-torch and plumber's solder, we're not fixing that mistake for free.

Do not flood your RC4 dimmer with gasoline and set it alight; you will be saying bye bye to that one, end of story.  

Why bother to submit a suggestion? 

A FREE DMX2dim Wireless Dimmer!

If we use your submission in our published warranty, we will give you a FREE RC4Magic DMX2dim dimmer pack.  That's a $429 value.  Seriously!  This isn't some lousy "win a chance to win" scam -- if we like what you come up with, you actually can win!!  And, presuming some good ideas come our way, we expect to use at least five of them.  That means five lucky winners!

So get back to us.  And I mean soon.  We're unveiling our new warranty terms at the USITT Stage Expo in Milwaukee, March 20 - 24, 2013.  That's not much time!

Don't put your great idea on Facebook, or some other public place; if you do, it becomes public domain.  No no no!  If you want a chance to win, you must send your idea to me -- personally.  Send your brilliant little quip in an email to [email protected], along with contact information so we can reach you if you're chosen.

I look forward to a very full inbox.  Thanks!

RC4 Wireless

P.S.  In case you're not familiar with our current warranty, before we revise it, have a look at http://www.theatrewireless.com/support/warranty/.