Purple Group Invests In Robe

Robe caught up with Netherlands based rental company The Purple Group from Schijndel at the 2013 Dance Valley Festival staged at Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude near Amsterdam … and spoke to their regular freelance Crew Chief, Rick van Dugteren about the company’s latest Robe purchases.

The company is co-owned by Harry Zinken and has a large stock of Robe fixtures.

They started buying Robe in 2012 with a purchase of LEDWash 300s, which were initially specified for a theatre tour. This was a great success and so they  soon followed up with the purchase of 72 x LEDBeam 100s.

For the one day Dance Valley event – the 19th edition – Purple Group supplied 72 LEDBeams  - among other fixtures - which were used on circular trusses surrounding the main stage and forming part of the look and architecture of the event. Another 30 LEDBeam 100s were ensconced onstage in the set.

Rick comments that the LEDBeam 100s are excellent products for events of all types. The rental price is affordable and it’s easy to design a reasonable amount of LEDBeam into a stage or performance space – where they can have great effect.

Purple Group recently lit Dutch electro house / progressive DJ Hardwell at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam creating huge chandeliers over the audience with the LEDBeam 100s which were right at the centre of the action. This show was created in conjunction with Hardwell’s LD Andre Beekmans of the Art of Light.

Their crew all like the LEDBeam 100s because they are so lightweight, reliable and easy to rig and maintain!

Rick also highlights that for those using the products every day, features like the touch screen control are also excellent. “With the launch of the ROBIN series in 2009 / 2010, Robe really raised the bar in their product development,” he observes.

After Dance Valley this year, the stage and The Purple Group’s stage lighting all remained in place on the Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude site and were used for the Dutch Valley  live music festival the following week.