Pro Audio Stash Launches New Octopus Range of PDUs

Leading UK based 19 inch rack specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier Pro Audio Stash (PAS) launches the first in a brand new range of power distribution units. 

The British manufactured Octopus is an entry level racking product featuring 8 x IEC distribution outlets, surge protection and EMI (electromagnetic interference) filters and is built to PAS’s rigorous standards of quality engineering.

Suitable for all pro AV and audio applications and especially for domestic and commercial  installations where reliable power supplies are vital for protecting all types of electronic equipment, the Octopus brings the consistency of British manufacturing to the market at a very competitive price.

The design and manufacturing was completed by PAS’s specialist rack division, Rackz, and the metalwork is supplied by Penn Elcom, both elements reinforcing the octopus quality assurance.

This also allows products to be quickly developed, adapted and customized to cater for specific requirements as required.

The Octopus provides versatile AC and DC power distribution within multimedia racking applications.

The inputs comprise C14 fused EMI filters with additional power surge protection and the AC outs are IEC320 C13s. The DC outs are 12 way pluggable screw terminal sockets offering 3 x 5V maximum loads at 2100mA and 3 x 12V DC ins at a maximum load of 1200mA.

The surge protection is handled via two 5A circuit breakers and the usable voltage range is between 200 – 240V.

Being rack mountable enables the Octopus to be used in both mobile and static rack set ups.

There is a strong demand for surge protected PD products at the moment, and unlike mass-designed-and-produced alternatives, the Octopus offers the flexibility of being changed or adapted based on customer feedback.

PAS Managing Director Rob Platt comments, “To ensure Pro Audio Stash remains one of the leading 19 inch suppliers in the UK, we are continually looking to expand and improve our product range. Power management is one our customer’s primary concerns … and this is why the Octopus range has been created”.

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Next in the Octopus range will be a UK-manufactured  IP addressable PDU.