Pro Audio Stash Comus Cables – Now Available in the US

Pro Audio Stash’s range of European manufactured tour grade Comus musical instrument cables is now available through the US office in Austin, Texas.

The cable is quality engineered to suit all high-end touring applications and is ideal for those working in the professional live entertainment industry as well as for AV and custom installations of all types.

The US branch will be stocking cables from the Comus’ ranges for speakers, instruments and microphones.

Unique Comus features include flexible and durable jacket compounds which remain supple even in sub-zero temperatures! The whole cable construction is designed so that the cables are resistant to kinks and twisting, making them ultimately easy and adaptable to work with.

The jackets are tough, but easy to strip for quick, easy and painless installation.

The cables also feature low capacitance and low dielectric insulation, reducing noise and signal losses which significantly boosts the sonic accuracy of the cable.

The new 6.5 noiseless mono instrument cable    is durable and black, made in Europe and very flexible. It is idea for instruments and mono patch cables, mini-jacks and 6.3 mm jack connectors … made from stranded copper wire and insulated with a special Polyethylene. The impressive operating temperature ranges from – 20 to +70 degrees centigrade!

Also new is the 2 x 1.5 mm core ‘Arctic grade’ flexible high grade loudspeaker cable, again built to tour grade specifications, rugged and flexible. Applications include rehearsal studios / facilities and all types of portable applications – from high-end conferences to AV presentations. The conductor is a standard copper wire with PVC insulation and jacket, and the operating temperature range is  between -10 and +70 degrees centigrade.

A heavier 2 x 2.5 core version will also be available, which is ideal for all types of live music and live sound reinforcement scenarios, as well as for professional AV and installations.

The premium grade 6.5 mm 2 core Comus Tour Grade Mic cable combines dynamics and high level audio performance and is perfect for microphones and line level analog balanced audio. The conductor is stranded copper wire and the spiral screen shielding is bare copper. The Polyethylene jacket is available in several different colors.

All cables are manufactured in Europe and available from Pro Audio Stash Inc. in 300 or 500 ft reels.