Pete’s Big TVs Enhances Twitter IPO for New York Stock Exchange


(NEW YORK CITY - Nov. 7, 2013)  Video equipment rental company Pete’s Big TVs went to Wall Street to help Twitter open the New York Stock Exchange and launch its IPO offering on Nov. 7, 2013.
Says Pete’s Big TVs VP Guy Benjamin, “We were contacted by production manager Michael Ahern with a week’s notice to supply LED video display of Twitter’s logo and Twitter feed for their big IPO launch day, when they began publicly trading on the stock market.”

Such a high profile event required the highest resolution in LED video panels. Pete’s Big TVs had recently added such a product to its inventory, so it was well equipped for the project.

“We used our new Absen A3 3.9mm LED panels,” said Benjamin. The 14 LED panels were arranged at two panels high by seven panels wide and positioned as a screen in front of the podium where Twitter representatives would ring the opening bell to start business that morning.

With the ring of the bell, the LED panels projected the official Twitter feed of #Ring! 

Benjamin thinks this occasion is the first time LED panels have been used in the New York Stock Exchange. “Based on all the testing we did, I do believe that it is and I am willing to make that claim.”

Pete’s Big TVs was brought into the project by production manager Michael Ahern. “We’ve known Michael Ahern for as long as we’ve been in business, and we’re going into our 27th year soon,” Benjamin says.

Benjamin sent his tech Matt Ellar to work with the LED screens. Testing was done on Tuesday morning - two days before the event - and then it was set up again the night before Thursday’s event.
“This is something we’ve never done before,” Benjamin says. “The New York Stock Exchange is the business world’s biggest stage, and we were thrilled to work with the social media giant Twitter and Michael Ahern while the whole world watched.”