Paul Braile appointed a BlackTrax Expert

CAST BlackTrax Ltd. announces that Paul Braile joins their team as a BlackTrax Expert effective 01 January 2014. 

On the heels of multiple awards and mega productions including Eurovision and Trinity Fellowship Church, CAST BlackTrax is receiving a growing number of questions from creative designers and production executives about production pros/cons, and cost savings.  Answering them requires the specialized knowledge from a been-there-done-that industry pro. Paul Braile comes with more than 20 years of industry experience and has worked on productions from Glee and the Super Bowl to Broadway and the CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade. He is also arguably the nation’s top subject matter expert on automated follow spot tracking systems.

Braile says, “Today the industry is turning to new technology for reducing production costs and better return in terms of box office and big impact.  Tracking technology is one of the best solutions as it greatly simplifies cross-cuing technologies and delivering the punch without the huge cuing and rehearsing costs while, in fact, reducing overall production costs. For this reason I have selected the BlackTrax Solution, which I think is the best in class, to be my 21st Century Tracking System.

“BlackTrax, with its revolutionary technology, is the solution that delivers realtime precise positional data so that now automated follow spots, audio, multimedia, robotic cameras can all know simultaneously precisely where to deliver their cues.  Its infrastructure is pure power packaged in a robust system with absolute freedom that delivers groundbreaking results at compelling value proposition. BlackTrax is so advanced it's actually simple. BlackTrax will rock the world!”

Bruce Freeman, Chairman of the CAST Group concludes: “When Paul first came to CAST in April 2013 to study and do his due diligence, he spent only 2 hours with BlackTrax in our Toronto demo centre and pronounced it is the way of the future for the industry and for his business.  Since then, he has tested the market and confirmed its need for BlackTrax.

“Because Paul has spent 20 years “doing it” in the real world, he recognises the significance of a technology solution that pays for itself in less than a year and opens production possibilities by enabling spontaneous creativity + artistry + technology! 

“Paul is well known and respected by our industry in North America, and that tells me that people trust him.  In the circumstances, considering we have launched a technology revolution, we are very pleased he has agreed to help our customers choose and get the very most out of their BTSolutions.”

You can contact Paul by email: [email protected] or [email protected] or by phone: +1 416 597 2278 ext.269.

For enquiries about the BlackTrax Solution please contact [email protected] or visit the website at


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About BlackTrax... BlackTrax is the multi-award-winning realtime tracking technology solution that delivers precise streaming 3D & 6D positional data to controllers for targeting the connected automated robotic technologies already used extensively in event and entertainment production, and houses of worship.  Using proprietary IR and RF, BlackTrax delivers dynamic streaming positional data with six degrees of freedom (x, y, z, plus roll, pitch & yaw) to 3D & spatial audio, automated lighting, multimedia servers, and robotic cameras – all at the same time, in realtime.

Anything tagged with the FCC and CE certified BTBeacon (patent pending), which comprises a gyroscope, accelerometer, and tiny wireless radio, to which an IR LED is attached, is tracked in a space up to 150ft (50m) in diameter at over 100 frames per second by overhead BTSensors, while its orientation is communicated by RF directly to the BTServer.  The BTBeacon’s inertia measurement unit provides redundant 3D positioning via its tiny radio transmitter should the IR line-of-sight between the BTBeacon and BTCams become momentarily obstructed.

BlackTrax is a complete 'tracking solution', which means either CAST or a BTExpert will ensure it is properly designed and installed to deliver optimal results, as well as provide onsite training and ongoing support.


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