Parasol to Show the New STAR600™ Touring Rig at LDI 2013

Parasol Advanced Systems of Vancouver, BC, Canada, is once again bringing its innovative products to LDI. The company won the Live Design 2011-2012 Product of the Year Award in the rigging category for the Parasol ACS™ system. This time around, visitors can see the new STAR600™ system in action during LDI, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 22-24 in Booth 1666 &1667.

For those unfamiliar with Parasol, envision a typical live production application where moving lights are used. They are almost always bolted or fastened to a fixed truss and do not move from their rigged point. The Parasol system is an alternate means of moving the source point of a number of automated lighting fixtures along a pre-defined path.

Parasol’s unique patented technology now allows moving lights, lasers, or even cameras to be fixed to moveable carriages that glide the lights along a predefined guide way or track. They are self-propelled, motorized carriages that are controlled by wireless technology. The tracks can be any shape that is appropriate for the event, concert or structure.

During LDI, the company will be debuting the Parnelli Award nominated STAR600™ - the new, compact, highly tourable rig with the user’s specified lights pre-set on a circular track. Operated via DMX, it is a rotating, one piece, plug and play unit. It can be set up in literally five minutes, creating stunning new lighting effects. The STAR600 is engineered and priced for every budget and its debut has been greatly anticipated.

STAR600 can handle up to 600 pounds of payload and has 30 amps of power available for your choice of luminaires or other devices. It is a highly portable and affordable package and is perfectly suited for touring or in small to medium sized venues including nightclubs, theaters, EDM events, casinos, and cruise ships, houses of worship and television studios.

The STAR600 Touring Road Cart can be pre-rigged for a quick and easy load in – typically less than five minutes. Expandable diameter options are available and these units have absolute positioning and multi-ring control.

Parasol’s CEO, Hermann Fruhm said “We are thrilled to once again, introduce new technology during LDI. We believe that our systems have the ability to greatly enhance lighting design and to enable designers to create new, dynamic lighting effects. LDI attracts forward thinking people from all corners of the entertainment industry and I think the reaction will be extremely positive.”

“Parasol Systems products allow designers the ability to create moving light effects with continuous motion and precise control,” says Pete Heffernan, President of Bandit Lites, who recently entered a distribution agreement with Parasol. “After the incredible response we have had so far, we know this will be revolutionary for the industry.”

Fruhm adds, “We are delighted to have Bandit Lites as a key distribution partner. Bandit Lites has built a strong reputation as a global leader in the entertainment lighting market place. Their team is the perfect fit to build market awareness and sales of our innovative systems and to provide industry leading customer service and representation. They have already showcased our products in some high profile events and the performance and feedback has been first rate.”

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About Parasol Systems Inc.

Parasol is focused on the development of products to enhance and enable the evolution of entertainment lighting and related industries. Parasol’s patented products consist of fully independent, programmable systems that move moving lights or other equipment along predetermined pathways on specially designed tracks. With these products, lighting designers are now able to move lights wherever, and whenever they choose with remarkable precision and repeatability. The visual synergy resulting from this simultaneous, choreographed movement of lights creates stunning visual effects and new dimensions that have never been seen before. Parasol has removed the shackles from stationary lighting and has provided lighting designers the freedom to move lights in completely new directions.

With its ACS™, KLR™ and STAR600™products, Parasol now has a complete product line for all applications and budgets across its target markets.