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TLS Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce that the new is up and running, redesigned and redefined from the ground up.  Site wide TLS Productions, Inc. aims to provide their customers with more information about who they are and what they do, pages devoted to new and used equipment for sale, equipment for rent, links to industry related articles of interest, a news index for where to find TLS Productions, Inc. in print and online, and so much more...

The new site will continue to grow each and every day, constant growth and constant development, to ensure not only a quality and useful Website, but a Website that takes the user experience seriously, providing what TLS Productions, Inc.'s clients, co-workers, and industry partners need.  That being said, after you've checked out the new Website, give TLS Productions, Inc. your thoughts by calling them at 855-515-TLSP (8577) or by sending an e-mail = [email protected]

TLS Productions, Inc.'s Sales New, Sales Used, and Rental pages will also continue to grow and develop, they'll be adding more and more products across all pages, and in the very near future they'll be implementing shopping cart and online payment options so that you can complete your purchases and rentals online from your computer or mobile device.

In addition to their new Website, they're also ready to launch their new Mobile App, but before they do, it needs a name, and they need your help, so - they're running a contest to help them name the App.  The App serves as a production resource for schematics, product manuals, etc.  This will be a forever expanding library of resources, aiming to assist those in the industry, particularly those on the show floor, working backstage and behind the scenes - providing them with the tools, resources and references to get the job done.  So, how helpful would an App like this be to you?  And most importantly, what would an App like this one be called?  If you come up with the winning name, you'll receive $100, and a lifetime of bragging rights.

Submit your App name to: [email protected]

And there you have it, the new Website is up and running, redesigned and redefined from the ground up, and the new Mobile App is coming soon, with your help...

To find out what TLS Productions, Inc. can do for you, contact them at any of the options below, watch for them in the weeks and months ahead in print and online with Live Design and watch for more BIG announcements from TLS Productions, Inc. COMING SOON regarding their move from Brighton, MI to Ann Arbor, MI, the winning name of the TLS Productions, Inc. APP Contest, and the App's launch!

(855) 515-TLSP (8577) Toll Free
(810) 220-TLSP (8577) Office
(810) 229-8292  Fax
[email protected]

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