Morpheus Lights Introduces New Ayrton Luminaires at LDI 2013

Morpheus Lights, the exclusive U.S. distributor of AYRTON LED luminaires, will present a dynamic MagicPanel™602 LED Beam Projector matrix, along with a 90 fixture display of three new Ayrton products at LDI 2013, Booth #1227 at the Las Vegas Conventions Center from November 22 to 24. 

In addition to MagicPanel™, which has already enjoyed great success on tour with major artists, Ayrton will unveil the Intellipix™25 LED Beam Panel and the WildBeam™152 LED Beam Projector. LDI will be the US premier of the NandoBeam™302 LED Wash/Beam-light as well as the initial presentation of the new, larger version, NandoBeam™602.

IntelliPix™25: 5 x 5 LED Beam Panel


Ayrton’s new IntelliPix™25 is a modular beam projection panel which puts twenty-five independently controllable 4.5º LED emitters into a 5 x 5 array that projects graphics and media far into the air with power never before imagined. Connect multiple panels together in a semi-transparent wall to form a giant screen or, place them under glass to create a projection floor that can wrap a performing artist in dynamic columns of light.

Ayrton has clearly been ahead of the game in development of its LED beam projection devices, providing new proprietary solutions for focusing LEDs into a tight, collimated beam.  Combining revolutionary 67mm optics from Gaggione, with 15W Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs, IntelliPix™25 projects 100 candela per lumen – two and a half times more than a 45mm collimator would.

Intellipix™25 is a model of industrial design and mechanical engineering.  It assembles securely, with easily interlocking male and female components that align perfectly and mate instantly. 

The floor configuration of IntelliPix™ has 16 support points per square meter to distribute the load of a laminated glass floor effectively and to permit the collimated beams to be projected vertically.  IntelliPix is rated IP65 – ready to work rain or shine!  Control is via DMX (w/ RDM), Art-Net or Kling-Net.

WildBeam™152: The Snappy New LED Beam Light


WildBeam™152 is a spectacular new addition to the Ayrton line.  By coupling seven 15W Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs with 67mm collimators from Gaggione, Ayrton has created an astonishingly powerful and compact luminaire with a sharp, 5° beam and a clean edge. 

The optical output hits a record-breaking 90% efficiency – for a 2,500 lumen light shaft.  That’s from a fixture that pulls less than 150 watts!

The seven emitters of the WildBeam light engine are individually controllable and can project a multitude of dynamic color effects in space. The beam can be animated around a central point, with crisp delineation of the individual component beams remaining perfectly distinct.

Advanced 3-phase stepper motors make WildBeam capable of snappy, dynamic moves – and the great price point means that you’ll be able to put lots of them in your rig!

NandoBeam™302 + NandoBeam™602: The Big Brother

The NandoBeam™ family of products is growing. NandoBeam™302 was introduced earlier this year at the ProLight + Sound show in Frankfurt. Now, NandoBeam™602 will have its world premiere at LDI 2013.  The 602 is twice as powerful as its little brother and is equipped with the same lightweight optical system and ultra fast 5:1 zoom.


NandoBeam 602 is designed primarily for use on concert stages and in television production. With quick and dynamic movement, and Ayrton’s fabulous saturated color palette, it can emit a powerful 8º column of light or zoom back to provide bright wash coverage at up to 40º.

NandoBeam 602 offers plenty of visual effects, with 37 embedded Osram Ostar RGBW LED emitters, arranged in four “crowns” and independently controlled in semi-ring sections of six emitters.  It utilizes a second-generation active heat-pipe cooling system.  A Lumen Radio wireless DMX receiver is standard equipment. NandoBeam 602 is controllable via DMX (w/RDM), Art-Net, and Kling-Net.

Ayrton continues to focus on developing fixtures that provide lighting designers with powerful and exciting new tools.  Ayrton’s goal is to create unique products that expand the possibilities of Light in Action.

Ayrtonand Morpheus Lights look forward to meeting you on the show floor, and introducing you to these next-generation entertainment lighting products.  LDI 2013 – Booth 1227