Morpheus Lights Introduces Ayrton MADesign™ and OXO FunStrip™LED Luminaires at Broadway Lighting Master Class

Las Vegas, NV May 24, 2013

Morpheus Lights will debut two new LED luminaires at BLMC. We’re pleased to introduce the Ayrton MADesign™ luminaire and the OXO FunStrip™LED luminaire to the Broadway entertainment lighting community.

The MADesign™ is a versatile interior architectural fixture developed to bring theatrical texture to area event lighting. Equipped with 5 RGBW adjustable spotlights and high-performance optics on the upper mast, it provides an infinite palette of pastel or rich, saturated colors housed in a sleek, elegant design. A multicolor backlight device is attached to the rear of the fixture. MADesign can be controlled via local control panel, infrared remote, DMX, or optional LumenRadio wireless receiver.

An LED version of the venerable MR16 halogen striplight, the FunStrip™LED is equipped with 10 individually-controllable, 9‑watt, 3000°K LED sources mounted in MR16-style reflectors. The color temperature matches the MR16 halogen source and the MR16 reflector provides a similar illumination field. At only 90 watts at full intensity, it consumes a fraction of the 750 watts drawn by an MR16 series-circuited 10 x EYC source.

The very low heat dissipation afforded by the LED sources allows designers to apply the fixture in décor, set design, stage, or retail spaces with significantly reduced danger of heat damage. Weighing only 12 pounds, the fixture lends itself to a wide variety of installation applications. Standard filters or diffusion can be utilized with media burnthough or discoloration greatly reduced.

With independent control of each LED source via DMX or RDM, the fixture can be used as a matrix or to create single-cell chase effects which, of course, aren’t possible with series-wired MR16s. The LED sources are rated at 50,000 hours and will reduce labor and replacement lamp costs as well as energy consumption. The fixture is equipped with two user-selectable dimmer modes – linear or tungsten emulation – to offer versatile 0-100% dimming to matching existing halogen source dimming curves.

Morpheus Lights is a distributor and dealer of professional lighting products for the entertainment, worship and architectural markets, as well as a full-service lighting production company, equipment rental source, and manufacturer of innovative products for the professional market.  Morpheus has sales representation in Las Vegas, Nevada to serve the US market and New York, NY to serve European and International markets.  Further information on products, services and contacts can be found at