Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision Division Depends On Reliable Lightware Routers

The Diamond Vision Systems of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (MEPPI) has a big picture perspective of what Lightware Visual Engineering's matrix routers offer the company's stadium clients from coast to coast.  Lightware USA is the US distributor for Budapest-based Lightware Visual Engineering products.
"Our primary application for Lightware is failover control" for the 15x58-foot LED "hustle boards" at the corners of stadiums, says engineering manager David Corathers.  "We'll put a big switcher on the front end [of our LED screens] with outputs for primary sources.  But we also have to be able to patch different sources and need the routers in there for back up."  
Corathers has deployed an array of Lightware routers for the large LED screens at the homes of the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills.  "The stadiums are installing new screens and upgrading all their systems," he explains.  "It's often a case of having to support old and new screens, although Buffalo has all new stuff.   We have a Lightware MX8x8DVI-Pro in there; another phase of the upgrade will require another 8x8.  We've also been using 16x16s and the 4x4s and 4x8s for smaller projects."
Lightware MX8x4DVI-Pro and MX8x8DVI-Pro is an 8 input 4 output or an 8 input 8 output DVI matrix router, switching all DVI-D resolutions from 640x480 @ 60Hz to 1920 x 1200 including all HDTV resolutions: 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2048 x1080.  All inputs have a unique cable equalization circuit which allows using up to 50 meter cable.  All outputs drive 500 mA power on DVI +5V pin to power fiber optical DVI cables.
MX8x4DVI-Pro and MX8x8DVI-Pro contain an Advanced EDID Management system; EDID monitor identification data determines the native pixel resolution and refresh rates for connected computers.  The user can emulate any EDID on the switcher's inputs independently, read out and store any attached monitor's EDID in 100 internal memory locations, and upload and download EDID files using the Lightware Matrix Control Software.  
Corathers says Lightware products score high in reliability, ease of use and cost-effective pricing.  "They offer good reliability at a reasonable price.  We're always looking for the best value for our customers, and the Lightware products do just that."
About Lightware USA
With the flexibility of the Lightware product line, the Lightware USA team is able to assist with the design for some of the highest performance systems in the world. Router sizes ranging in size from the robust UMX4x4-Pro up to the impressive 160x1602 5G give Lightware USA the edge over the competition when it comes to routing multiple video sources to the ever changing variety of displays in the industry. Their array of solutions for extending the highest of resolution video formats including 4K and 3D over Cat or Fiber also set the product line apart from that of other manufacturers.
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