Milos Structural Systems Workshop for Far Eastern Customers

Milos Structural Systems conducted a two-day workshop at its factory in Guangzhou, China, on 25 and 26 October for a select group of Milos customers from Indonesia, India, Singapore and China.   

The goal of the meeting was to present Milos Structural Systems, as well as its factory, products, and manufacturing processes.  Educational sections of the workshop also served to inform Milos customers about using and working safely with Milos products.

Although the workshop was held for only two days, many subjects were presented.   On the first day, a detailed overview of the company, brand strategy and growth in 2013 was given, which was followed by a presentation of rigging and rigging hardware. 

An interesting and fact-filled tour of the extensive Guanghou factory came next.  While touring the factory, Milos sales and technical representatives showed participants Milos welding processes and techniques, materials for making Milos products, and the machinery used during manufacturing.  

Attendees also viewed the Milos parts stock and precision manufacturing techniques carried out for all Milos Structural Systems products.  The first day ended with an enlightening presentation on lifting principles and how truss works.

The second day was focused on risk assessment and mitigation. 

After all, safety is one of the most important considerations in the support structure business.  The first part of the workshop had Milos speaking about “what goes wrong and why” when working with support structures, and some examples of what happens when things do go wrong. 

This was followed by a presentation about safety factors and logic, and then information about working safely at heights. 

To drive this presentation home, participants were taken out to the factory’s expo area, where they viewed a fully constructed Milos roof.  At the end of the workshop, chains & towers and bridle load analyses were discussed. 

When the workshop concluded, all participants were given certificates of completion and went back to their home countries with a much deeper understanding of Milos Structural Systems and its products.