Inside Job Lighting

CREW Wayne Boehning Candida Bogs Gary Boldenwick

AUTOMATED LIGHTING (15) Vari superscript *Lite superscript 200 VL2C[TM] luminaires (15) Vari superscript *Lite VL4[TM] luminaires (12) Vari superscript *Lite VL6B[TM] luminaires (8) Vari superscript *Lite VL2416[TM] luminaires (16) Coemar superscript 201 CF 1200 HEs (8) Coemar HE 1200 spots (6) Coemar CF HE 7s

CONVENTIONAL LIGHTING (10) ETC superscript 202 Source Four PARs (28) ETC Source Four lekos (18) Source Four leko color c

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