LMG Diversifies Lighting Inventory with Ayrton MAGICPANEL 602

LMG, a national provider of video, audio, and lighting support, recently added a supply of Ayrton MAGICPANEL 602 fixtures to the firm’s broad lighting inventory.

The MAGICPANEL 602 is a modular LED luminaire that offers a vast assortment of visual effects on a moving head LED beam projector, equipped with 36 15W LED RGBW emitters in a 6x6 array. Each emitter projects a 7.5° 45MM optic beam and can be controlled individually or used in groups to emit an overall 14,000 lumen channel of light. Its ability to run on continuous double rotation on both pan and tilt axes adds imaginative dimensional effects to beams individually projected by mapped emitters.

The MAGICPANEL 602 offers dynamic displays and aerial effects not seen before in a moving fixture, allowing designers the option to display numbers, letters, graphic effects or images, all while providing energy efficiency and fast action display.

“The MAGICPANEL 602 is compact fixture that packs a big punch, offering both lighting and video capabilities with pan/tilt motion, says Steve “Boz” Bodzioch, director of lighting services at LMG. “Having this product in our toolbox allows us to offer our corporate and touring clients a truly innovative solution to create unique lighting designs and visual effects for their shows.”

LMG has provided video, audio and lighting support for some of the world’s largest conventions and meetings, nationally televised events, international concert tours, and FORTUNE 500 company business presentations.

Founded in 1984 by CEO Les Goldberg, LMG, Inc., is divided into three business segments – show technology, systems integration, and touring - each with a common mission of providing innovative video, audio and lighting solutions and technical expertise through personalized service, high quality technology, and a commitment to continuous improvement. LMG has offices in Orlando, Tampa, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Nashville. For more information, visit www.lmg.net.