Link Expands DGlink’s Digital Stage Box Media Network

Link Srl, presented the expanded components of the DGlinkTM Media Network at the PL+S 2013 trade show.

Complementing  the DGlink, Digital Stage Box that debuted three years ago, Link has developed the following new components:

DGlink Protocol Convertor(MADI, EtherSound, Dante)

DGlink Redundant Gigabit Media Switchfor Touring, 19" 1U Rackmounted, Fibre Interface, Enhanced QoS ideal for support of Layer 3 / 4 protocols such as Dante 

DGlink CWDM Optical Interface Systemcapable of transporting up to 18 distinct networks (audio, video, Ethernet, DMX) via one redundant fibre backbone

DGlink AES-EBU Drive Modulereclocks, rebuffers, splits, and distributes 12 channels of AES-EBU digital audio + CAN bus throughout multiple amplifier racks 

“ From its inception, the DGlinkTM architecture was designed to be modular and simultaneously support multiple digital protocols, stated Marco Piromalli, President of Link .  He continued, “We have supported DanteTM and EtherSound for the past couple of years and with the recent addition of MADI significantly enhances the audio transport capabilities of our digital stagebox system while positioning Link as the most flexible connectivity company in the market. Once AVB is defined and gains more market traction, we will certainly provide a module for that as well”.

Link S.r.l. Rome, Italy, is a manufacturer and distributor for a professional range of cables, connectors, and distribution products dedicated to the entertainment industry. LK Connectors, eurocable, and DGlink are registered trademarks of Link.

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