release ArtNet Viewer for Mac, Windows and Linux

ArtNet Viewer is exactly what the name says. An easy and intuitive to use ArtNet Viewer available for Mac, Windows and Linux!

It offers a "Packet View" to show which kind of ArtNet Packages are coming in. Also, it shows which universes are being transmit and with how many channels, and it shows the values for each universe that is being transmit.

It will further be extended to add even more features like testing, recording of channels to plot their values over a period of time in a graph, a flicker finder and remote node programming.

"I want ArtNet Viewer to be the best ArtNet Diagnostics tool out there," says Denis Hessberger, head of "It is engineered by someone who actually knows what the real world problems usually are!" he adds. is specialized on programming software for the entertainment industry, with the kind support by bright! creative event solutions.