Lighting to Remember for A Day To Remember Tour

Orlando, Fla. – LMG Touring was recently on the road providing lighting support for A Day to Remember on their North American spring tour. The tour kicked off in April, delivering a high energy performances to sold out crowds in cities across the United States, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, and Orlando, to name a few.

The tour, designed by lighting designer Steve “Cowboy” Stemac, was produced to promote the release of A Day to Remember’s upcoming album, with the lighting setup acting as the primary production piece for the show. “This show needed ‘fireworks,’ so taking into consideration timing and touring efficiency, I settled on one type of spot and one wash fixture, and a lot of them, because this show needed many of points of light,” stated Stemac. “The band goes from sledgehammer breakdowns to big-chorus pop punk to even acoustic segments, and I needed a setup that really explodes out during the heavy material,” noted Stemac.

LMG Touring supported the tour with a compact, but high impact lighting system, comprised of Clay Paky Sharpys, Robe ROBIN 600 LED Wash fixtures, and Martin Atomic Strobes, driven by the High End Systems Road Hog Full Boar 2048+ Console. “Between the Sharpys, the Robe ROBIN 600s, some Martin Atomic 3000s, and the control of a FullBoar (my console of choice), I had the little toolbox team I needed to make the show we wanted,” noted Stemac. “LMG really came through on getting the amount of those fixtures we needed for the tour. I've worked with them now on a few tours on the large club/small theater level, where it's so dynamic in what you need, and they've been there with flying colors in support and guidance, even encouragement.”

Craig Mitchell, national sales manager with LMG Touring stated, “Steve carefully designed the show using equipment that would create the feeling of a large arena tour for the audience, but within a more intimate venue setting using a smaller system. He is an amazing lighting designer, and was a pleasure to work with on this tour."

*Photos courtesy of Adam Elmakais.

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