LightConverse Lighting Visualization Software Expands Into China

LIGHTCONVERSE continues its worldwide expansion of its multiple award-winning products, successfully holding recent workshops and seminars in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China.

Visiting Shanghai earlier this year, LIGHTCONVERSE specialists held a series of workshops for employees of Hong Kong based Mad Macs Technology Distributions Ltd. followed by a seminar at the prestigious Shanghai Theatrical Academy.

The workshop for Mad Macs Technology specialists included in-depth study and practice of LIGHTCONVERSE fundamentals, including use of the software’s powerful 3D Mapping capabilities.

Shown at the Shanghai Theatrical Academy seminar, held in association with Mad Macs Technology, were the main features of LIGHTCONVERSE and how its use in an educational environment allows for students to effectively explore all possibilities of lighting and video design and operation, including interoperability with Vectorworks and import/export capabilities between the two products.

With a focus on theatre training and studies for almost 70 years, the Shanghai Theatrical Academy is considered one of the best art institutions of higher education in China while Mad Macs Technology is a premier distributor of 3D design, CAD, animation, visualization and special effect software throughout China and neighboring territories.

LIGHTCONVERSE further continued its series of workshops during a visit to Leafun Culture Science and Technology Co. Ltd., a leading Guangzhou, China based company well-known for its creative works within China’s cultural industry.

Leafun has been responsible for designing and implementing some of the largest theatrical and gala events in the country, including providing services for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

One of the subjects covered at Leafun was how LIGHTCONVERSE software and server products were successfully used for the 2013 World University Games, second in size only to the Olympics. (During the World University Games, LIGHTCONVERSE handled all pre-production lighting and 3D Mapping visualization in addition to live use of its server line-up for complex video mapping and projection of all video surfaces during the show, including intricate numbers where video mapping and projection was performed on multiple moving objects with an accuracy of 0.4mm, click here for an entertaining  time-lapse video of the event showing LIGHTCONVERSE in action.

As LIGHTCONVERSE expands throughout the Far East region, its team is pleased to have had the opportunity to show and explain its highly-regarded product range to the above-mentioned companies and institution.  For further information on LIGHTCONVERSE, please visit