Lee Rose of Design Partners and MagicPanel™ Illuminate New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Lee Rose of Design Partners and MagicPanel™ Illuminate New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.


Las Vegas January 15, 2014 - Veteran television and live event lighting designer Lee Rose of Design Partners returned once again to light the Hollywood Party for Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve, an event he has lit since 1985. This year Lee worked with a spectacular lighting system that included the Ayrton MagicPanel™602 LED luminaire.

Lee states: “I had used the MagicPanel fixtures on this year’s MDA Telethon and loved how they worked and looked on camera.   When I was looking at the design for New Year’s Rockin Eve I knew that I wanted to surround the center video screen on each of the two performance stages.   We were able to achieve some great video effects with the fixtures’ pixel-mapping capability, both with extending the screen content and playing separate video content directly to them. The MagicPanel fixtures’ killer 7.5 degree beam gave me bold geometric effects in atmosphere and the ability to have different parts of the 36 LED’s in different colors made for some one of a kind looks.   Their ability to do continuous pan and continuous tilt give a new dimension to movement cues.  They also provided an effective framework around the primary performance areas by solidly defining the space.

Lee continues: “The fixtures are extremely reliable, fast, very punchy, and blended beautifully with our other lighting elements. They’re a great addition to the designers’ toolbox!”

The fixtures were provided to the production by Morpheus Lights of Las Vegas.

Morpheus Lights is a full-service lighting production company, equipment rental source, and manufacturer of innovative products for the professional market, as well as a distributor and dealer of professional lighting products for the entertainment, worship and architectural markets.  Morpheus Lights has sales representation in Las Vegas, Nevada serving the US market and New York, NY serving European and International markets.  Further information on products, services and contacts can be found at: www.morpheuslights.com.