L & L Stage Services Invests in Robe

L&L Stage Services is a busy technical production and rental company based in Herentals, near Antwerp, Belgium, founded in 1992 and run since 2004 by Bart Weyts, Tom Somers and Kris Laermans. They work across multiple sectors supplying sound, light and rigging and are known for high quality equipment and crews.

L&L first invested in Robe when the ROBIN series was launched in 2009 and their first Robe purchase was 600E Spots, which at the time, were actually the first in Benelux.

L&L was also the first company in Benelux to take delivery of LEDWash 600s when they were launched in 2010 – so they enjoy being ‘the first’ with the latest technology and paving the way for others to follow. This in turn has helped Robe become so strong in the Belgian market.

In rental stock at the moment L&L has nearly 200 Robe fixtures including 600E Spots, LEDWash 600s, LEDBeam 100s and CityFlex 48s – and currently L&L has the largest stock of CityFlex 48s in Europe!

So, what does Bart like about Robe?

Reliability is at the top of this list. It’s a major consideration for any rental company and he adds that the service from Bram de Clerck and Benelux distributor Controllux is “Fantastic”.

L&L were one of the three main rental companies delivering Robe kit to a number of stages at  the massive 2013 Tomorrowland EDM festival in Boom and have supplied numerous other shows, events and festivals throughout the summer, including Reggae Geel 2013. (see separate news report).

Photo show Bart Weyts (left) and Bram de Clerck (right) from Robe’s Benelux Office