Introducing Rose Brand® Premium Projection Screens

Secaucus, New Jersey–January 21, 2014. Rose Brand Premium Projection Screens are the highest quality custom PVC screens available. These screens are made of superior PVC media with very consistent thickness and shade. The hi-caliber workmanship is visible in all aspects of finishing. Each screen is ultrasonically welded with precision to create practically invisible seams. 

Rose Brand Premium Projection Screens are produced from a variety of front and dual use front and rear projection materials.  The screens range in colors, gain and transmittance properties. There are virtually no limits on dimensions, shapes or side finishes. All of the premium projections screens are durable, washable and Inherently Flame Retardant. Varieties include:

Cream-110: This is the most versatile and popular screen with brilliant results for front, rear and cross fades. Also serves as a great Cyclorama/Bounce.

High Contract Grey-120: High contrast makes blacks darker and the neutral color is great for blending in with scenery. Increased contrast is best for high ambient light situations such as outdoors.

Black-130: Great for show situations where the screen must not bounce ambient light. The screen formulation is ideal for using tight in front of a video wall. It masks the individual pixels and results in a brilliant image with high contrast.

Blue-140: A grey/blue for a cooler temperature. Ideal for sky effects.

Translucent-150: For projection situations with high ambient light. Also great for color washes, gobos and many other lighting effects.

Front White-160: The standard for front projection where high gain is needed.

Front White/Black-160B: Front White material with an opaque black backing.  The standard for front projection where high gain is needed.

Front White Perforated-170: For acoustic transparency when placing speakers behind the screen.

Front White Micro Perforated-180: Acoustic perforations that are virtually invisible and provide acoustic transparency when placing speakers behind the screen for home theatres where the audience is close.

Black Front-190: A unique, textured surface results in unusual gain from a black medium.

Contact us at 800-223-1624 or [email protected] for custom screen development, pricing, questions and for samples. You can also buy this premium screen material by the yard.

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