Hippotizer Reigns Supreme at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

20 shows, 20 acts, 20 days!  Hippotizer saddled up at Houston’s Reliant Stadium and went the distance at this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  The annual Texas extravaganza featured nightly concerts by some of the biggest names in music, enhanced by video content wrangled and programmed by John Dickson of LD Systems, Houston.

Six outputs from three Hippotizer HDs delivered synchronized video playback to a variety of video displays supplied by LD Systems and Screenworks.  Eight 8’ x 16’ “filler screens”, with a total of256 WinVision 9mm tiles were rigged above center-stage between eight 29’ x 16’ HD Toshiba IMAG screens showing live content.  Expanding and enhancing the filler displays were stage footer and header rings, and stage backdrop, all comprised of 3868 Barco MiTRIX 24mm LED panels.  Seamless video content displaying across every one of these disparate video components was made possible with Hippotizer’s easy-to-use VideoMapper component. 

“We had 20 days at the front end, and 20 days of shows, each with a different LD,” says John Dickson, Sr. Programmer and Designer at LD Systems.  “With only four hours to prepare for a different act each day, everything went smoothly and the Hippos performed flawlessly.  They’re versatile, configurable, and their VideoMapper component was essential for this gig.”

For 38 years LD Systems has provided production services of all kinds worldwide:  Special event lighting, corporate display systems, and concert sound.  LD Systems are 3D projection specialists with a long list of high-profile projection installations to their credit.  Learn more about LD Systems at www.ldsystems.com

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