grandMA2 Helps Riverview Deliver for Zimmer at the AAOS Conference


Corporate event production company Riverview Systems Group Inc. of Milpitas, California chose four grandMA2 lights to handle lighting and display control for their client Zimmer at the AAOS (American Assoc. of Orthopedic Surgeons) conference in Chicago.  A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive distributor of MA Lighting in North America. 
One of the systems controlled a private area, another a public space and two served as back ups.  The pair of grandMA2s in operation controlled lighting and automation of multiple screen systems, which included 32 x 20 Barco C5 LED wall in the main theater.  
"We basically created a theme park in the booth," says Riverview Systems' Director Of Technical Design, Franco Berardi.  "The whole booth was almost entirely composed of automated fixtures plus 280 Color Blasts.  We turned a massive property the size of a city block into an immersive environment of color and evolving sensations.  grandMA2 offered control and versatility of the technical cues, all remotely."
Berardi says the Zimmer featured a main theater plus two 50-person private theaters; each had to be run and triggered remotely by one person.  "We also needed two systems on the same network.  We chose the grandMA2 for its robustness, its ability to network and its Telnet capability.  We visited A.C.T Lighting to get training on the system."
grandMA video fed the pixel-mapped truss above.  "grandMA2 was used to control all the mechanics, automation, pixel-mapping, truss toners and things being lit in the booth," Berardi explains.  "It was like a ballet.  We transformed the whole booth."
The grandMA2 was controlled via High Resolution Systems' UDC Timecode, which acted as "a bridge," he says.  "The show was very complex, but it was also glitch-free.  We never had any problems with the consoles.  They came through with flying colors."
Berardi observes that, "nothing matches the grandMA2, or MA products in general, in terms of control.  grandMA2 is bulletproof."