grandMA and Clay Paky Sharpy Join National Arena Tour Co-headlined by Three Days Grace and Shinedown


American rock bands Three Days Grace and Shinedown are on the road with grandMA and Clay Paky Sharpy fixtures helping to light up their tour.  A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive distributor of grandMA and Clay Paky products in North America.
Three Days Grace and Shinedown are coheadlining a national arena tour, which commenced in February.  "Transit of Venus," the new album from Three Days Grace, debuted at Number Five on the Billboard 200 and includes the Number One Active Rock single, Chalk Outline.  Shinedown's most recent album, "Amaryllis," produced a pair of chart-topping Active Rock singles.
"Using Sharpy is almost mandatory these days," reports Mike Filsinger, the lighting designer for Three Days Grace.  "It's an advanced light - pretty much the only technological advancement in lights lately: Clay Paky has really done the R&D to make better fixtures and is now reaping the rewards."
Bandit Lites supplied 28 Sharpys in the main package and two full-size grandMAs.  A primary lighting rig serves both shows; each band also has a supplemental rig.  Three Days Grace has eight additional Sharpys in its package; Filsinger's Sharpys are the dominant light in the rig and are used in the air and on the floor.  Shinedown has 24 additional Sharpys, which are used to achieve a variety of moves.
"The band really likes Sharpy's look and beams - they're known for being beamy and bright," says Carter Fulghum, Shinedown's lighting designer.  "The gobos give you great breakups, too.  But the Sharpy is so bright that you have to be careful of what other lights you use because Sharpy will overpower them."
grandMA was also a unanimous choice for the lighting designers.  "I've been using grandMA forever," says Filsinger, who also serves as Three Days Grace's programmer.  "It's definitely the console of choice - it's the best out there, reliable and versatile.  I won't use any other console these days.  I really count on grandMA."
Fulghum has also been using the desk "for years. I switched over in 2005 and have been with it ever since.  You can set up the views the way you want and that makes programming really fast."
He notes that "we are something on this tour that we've never done before: triggering the Catalyst system for the video with the grandMA and using timecode to get things started in sync with the song.  It's a very neat trick."
Fulgham concludes, "It was great working with Mike [Filsinger], who is so easy to work with on this co-headlining tour.  Also great were Aron Altmark, Esteban Caracciolo, Mario Collazo and Bob Gordon for all there help and support through the years."
At Bandit Lites Brent Barrett is the development officer.  "With the increase this year of so many new Sharpys and MA products, Brian Dowd and the whole team at A.C.T has done a great job in several difficult logistical situations for us.  They always seem to be one step ahead of any our needs.   It really provides us with a level of confidence that makes our job so much less stressful," Barrett concludes. 
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