GLP Impression Spot One on the Air in Asia

Hong Kong‘s leading TV Station, Television Broadcast Limited (TVB), has recently made a major investment in GLP’s impression Spot One for its studios.

TVB’s headquarters, which is also the largest commercial television production center in Asia, houses 22 state of the art production studios, collectively known as TVB City.

Under a new management initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of the company, TVB’s engineering department, headed by Mr. Ko Cheuk Wai, had the challenging task of finding an LED solution to replace their existing discharge lamp automated lighting system.

Their research process was comprehensive and technically thorough, to ensure that their final decision would meet the studio’s requirements for the next generation of automated lighting.

Gaffers, Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Studio Managers, and Directors all joined Mr. Wai and the engineering department to ensure that their needs were met.

Also present at the tests was Michael Münz, General Manager of GLP Asia, who commented, “The technical tests took place at TVB‘s Studio 1 - one of the largest TV Studios in Asia. With all of the relevant departments present, there were a lot of tests to complete in order to check that the Spot One would fulfill their needs. As the tests progressed, I only saw stunned faces across the board which proved to me that the Spot One was surpassing even the high expectations they had for an LED spotlight.“

The Spot One was the first fixture of its kind to be released to the global market. By harnessing the raw power of a 400 Watt RGB LED engine and running it through an advanced optical system GLP has created an even beam for RGB color mixing at the same time achieving a focusable area for gobo projections. The result is a true hard edge LED profile fixture with a packed graphics engine that includes two fully indexable gobo wheels.

Ko Cheuk Wai said, “It was crucial for us not to make any compromise on the look of the lights and the appearance of our broadcast pictures. Color temperature, even beam output and smooth dimming are some of the most important requirements in our studio environment. Seeing the Spot One in action and in direct comparison with our discharge fixtures we realized very quickly that not only would we match, but also surpass the quality that we currently had, and gain a far superior level of efficiency that would meet the demands of our new forward thinking initiative.“

TVB also welcomed the 5 year warranty on the LED engine that the Spot One comes with, ensuring savings for lamp replacements that they would no longer have to budget for. This, coupled with the sealed optical section of the fixture which reduces maintenance time, along with its low heat emission which reduces HVAC demands in the studios, will present a huge financial saving in the coming years.


You can get more information about the Impression Spot One or any of the GLP range, by emailing [email protected]