Gel Services, Inc. Announces it is Opening for Business July 1, 2013

Gel Services, Inc. Announces it is Opening for Business July 1, 2013

Former Wybron employees start a new business.

Gel Services, Inc. (GSI) is proud to announce their opening on July 1, 2013. GSI
will focus on continuing services that the entertainment lighting industry has
come to depend on Wybron for – gelstring production and color changer service
and repair.

GSI is an employee owned company that has purchased some of Wybron’s
assets. Employees from both the gel and service departments are on board. This
includes legendary technician Dave Mayne who will continue to provide the
service and support that the industry has come to rely on. In addition to the gel
and service departments, GSI will continue to provide and support Gel Swatch
Library and the other Wybron iOS apps.

“There has been a lot of confusion in the wake of the announcement of Wybron’s
closing as to where people will be able to go for support and gel strings”, says
President Scott Longberry. “I am happy to say that you can continue to receive
the same rapid, high quality service that you have come to expect from Wybron,
from some of the same employees who have been providing it to you in the past.
We will do our best to ensure a smooth transition to the new company with a
minimum in interruption to gel string and service and repair orders.”

GSI can be contacted at 719-548-9774, or at after July 1,