® introduces Automated Inventory Disposal (A.I.D.)

Wellington, FL –® is proud to introduce our Automated Inventory Disposal (A.I.D.) module.  A.I.D. is an offer generator that incorporates an automated activation feature, as well as a manual option.  

We noticed that many vendors were struggling to apply "real world" values to some of their production gear, not taking into account the rapidly-changing technology in our industry. It is for this reason that GearSource A.I.D. was added to our e-commerce platform.  

You might be familiar with the make offer concepts on other websites... because we are committed to maintaining the highest quality of customer and vendor relationships, we’re doing it differently. Here’s how it works… when listings meet the A.I.D. criteria, a Make an Offer button will appear on the listings. To submit an offer, a user simply clicks the "Make an offer" button and completes the required information. The vendor has the option to Accept, Reject, Counter-offer or select Not Available. There are only 2 requirements for submitting offers: 1) you must be a registered user of; and, 2) you must provide a valid credit card.

The ultimate goal of this new feature is to generate more interest in listings and improve the marketability of all gear listed on®. The A.I.D. System is a very positive approach to attracting attention to listings that may have, otherwise, gone unnoticed.

The first batch of A.I.D. listings were activated at 6 AM EDT Thursday, September 12 and the response from both vendors and customers was extremely positive.® has been providing a platform for used gear since 2002 and continues to be the best place to buy and sell used gear. Along with the new Automated Inventory Disposal system, GearSource provides the GS Listing App, the Automated Inventory Management system and number of other tools for managing and/or liquidating larger inventories. For more information on these options, contact us at [email protected] or call +1-866-669-4327.

GearSource currently has locations in the US and Europe. Contact sales at [email protected] (866-669-4327) for more information on listing and buying on®.

For more information on the GearSource Automated Inventory Disposal system or this Press Release, please contact Claudette Cyr – 561-578-4402 | e-mail: [email protected].