Fineline In Motion

Bristol, UK, based lighting rental specialist Fineline Lighting is supplying all house lighting & rigging to Motion –  one of the most popular multi-room clubbing experiences in the UK , located in a atmospherically significant collection of historic warehouses in central Bristol, and with a reputation for showcasing some of the best EDM sounds on the planet.

Hand-in-hand with this goes a big commitment to providing the very best in production values for Motion clients, explains Head of Lighting James Harrington, who asked Fineline onboard as the regular lighting and rigging supplier in 2011, having known the company for many years.

Fineline supplies a standard ‘house’ lighting rig to the venue which has a capacity for up to 2,500 people depending on how many of its multiple spaces are opened, and this is regularly augmented with extras and specials as and when needed.

“I wanted a reliable rental company with a good reputation and a wide variety of equipment to supply every eventuality,” stated Harrington.

The busiest season for additional kit is the September to New Year’s Eve ‘Bristol in Motion’ phenomena, which capitalizes on the college Fresher’s season … that sees the place action-packed with excitement, energy and superlative music every Friday and Saturday.

Motion has to be fully flexible to deal with a heterogeneity of different club nights hosted by their own promoters bringing in their own DJs and acts, plus touring artists and organizations like the BBC who sometimes broadcast live from the venue.

The basic house lighting rig in the main room comprises a ground support system with two of the legs lifted and supported by the large industrial crane left in situ when it last ceased to be a working warehouse.

As a minimum there are around eight moving lights and eight scanners hung on the ground support and these and other lighting are all run off a ChamSys PC Wing for most of the year which is upped to an MQ100 from Fineline to deal with the additional kit for Bristol In Motion.

Extra lighting kit – anything from strobes to LED battens to full moving light rigs and LED video screens – comes in and out constantly every other week from Fineline.

“All of Fineline’s kit is well maintained,” continues Harrington who explains that they don’t necessarily have a preference for specific brands of moving lights or LED fixtures and trust Fineline to fulfil their creative needs, often leaving the choice of what specific equipment is appropriate for the upcoming show to Rob Sangwell and the Fineline team.

Sangwell, MD of Fineline comments, “We love working with Motion and have known the people involved for several years. Their reputation and success is not just built on getting some of the hottest new and rising DJ talent alongside internationally known acts to Motion, but also on offering audiences the very best lighting and visual shows in the area. It’s definitely a winning formula and we are looking forward to the 2014 season”.