Field Template Releases v3.6 Upgrades to SoftSymbols

Field Template, the industry's leading source for theatrical lighting symbols, is pleased to announce the release of significant upgrades to its popular SoftSymbol packages of Altman, Altman striplights, Ayrton, MA Lighting grandMA consoles, High End Lighting, and Morpheus fixtures, for use in the Vectorworks® environment. Designed by Steve Shelley, these upgrades include the latest equipment for all of these libraries.

The Altman symbol library includes all tungsten and LED emitter configurations of the Phoenix fixture series, all emitter configurations of the Spectra LED Cycs, PARs, and Cubes, and all emitter configurations of the Outdoor Spectra fixture series.

The Altman Striplight symbol library overhauls and upgrades the multiple product lines, making them 3D-functional in the Vectorworks environment. The upgrades include all circuitry configurations of theGround Cyc, Sky Cyc, Econo Cyc, and Focus Cyc series of striplights, as well as the Microstrip, Zipstrip, R40, PAR 56, and PAR 64 striplights.

The Ayrton symbol library includes all current variations of the IceColor, Wildsun, and Colorsun fixtures, as well as the MADesign, MagicPanel, NandoBeam, Rollapix, and Versapix fixtures.

The Morpheus symbol library contains all current variations of the PacficFader 1, 3, 4, and 5, as well as the CP7, ColorFader 3, and PanaBeam XR2+ fixture. It also includes the FaderBeam, UV Beam, ACL Beam, and BriteBursts.

The MA Lighting grandMA symbol library introduces the entire grandMA console product line, presenting all current Series 1 and Series 2 consoles as hybrid symbols.

The High End Lighting symbol library is a complete overhaul, doubling the overall number of symbols in the library. The library includes all current Barco and Digital Light projectors, LED lighting fixtures, the Cyberlight 2.0, the Intellaspot, the Technospot, and the TechnoArc lighting fixtures.

All six libraries include graphic SoftMaps© and SoftData© in PDF format. They also include Sam Jones' fabulous Data Conversion macros, which convert all lighting elements from imperial to metric and back again in a single click.

The three libraries are available in two editions; the Legacy Edition is designed for Vectorworks 2008 through 2010. The Enhanced Edition is designed in the Vectorworks 2011 through 2014 environments, and contain Focus Functionality:In any 3D view, lighting devices automatically rotate to a Spotlight focus point.

These upgrades reflect Field Template's continuing commitment to maintaining SoftSymbol as a trusted tool for designers by providing the most current and useful theatrical lighting symbols throughout the industry. 

All six new object libraries can be viewed and downloaded from the Field Template website:


SoftSymbols are CAD-based theatrical lighting symbol packages created in the Vectorworks® environment. Lighting and Template Designer Steve Shelley designs the symbols with the patented icons used to create his award-winning series of Field Templates. With over 4,600 symbols, it is the most complete and unified symbol library available.